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  1. Jessica Marshall Work At Home Paycheck

    by , Yesterday at 09:50 PM
    If you are researching the Jessica Marshall Work At Home Paycheck program, you may want to take a look at the research I've done on it so far. You can see the information at the following page:

    I list several red flags that I see regarding the program. I also would like anybody who has experience with the program or further information about the program to post information in the comments ...
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  2. Mike Dee Rich Janitor

    by , Yesterday at 03:36 PM
    I'm working on updating my research on the Mike Dee Rich Janitor program. Originally, the program used the name Mike Dougherty and had a different sales page. You can read my original review of this program here:

    The testimonials used back then were highly suspect. Currently, I'm mainly concerned by many of the claims the sales page makes as well as many of the claims in the ...
  3. Ashley James Internet Income Commissions

    by , 09-11-2014 at 10:06 PM
    The Internet Income Commissions program found at is yet another attempt to weasel people into another ridiculous link-posting "opportunity". Of course, the only opportunity that arises from participating in programs like this is the opportunity for you to have your hard earned money separated from your bank account.

    Not only is the Ashley James name fake, but the so-called reporter "Karl Goddard" is a name rampantly used across numerous scammy ...
  4. Jenny Arnold eStore Builder

    by , 09-08-2014 at 04:46 PM
    Apparently, eStore Builder is still being heavily promoted. One of the sites promoting it is a fake news site using a fake story about a "single mom" named Jenny Arnold who uses the typical claim, "I basically make about $6,000-$8,000 a month online."

    Of course the name "Jenny Arnold" is also fake. Not only that, but the scammers writing the fake news stories can't seem to keep track of who the fake story is about.

    You can see what I mean ...
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    by , 09-06-2014 at 12:12 PM
    I'm very unhappy because yesterday I said that is scam. However some minutes later I received the amount of my balance through egopay account. So, I wish to clarify this matter. I can't say that this website is scammer.

    Sorry it was a very bad information. You can see the proof of payment, as follows:

    Transaction Details
    Date2014-09-05 10:32:45
    Reference Number
    Transaction Type: (api) Received from
    Name/ ...
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