Web Fortune Master Warning

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by , 06-11-2013 at 06:36 AM (36256 Views)
Web Fortune Master is yet ANOTHER site using Angela Bussio as its spokesperson. And it's using stock photos for testimonials and all kinds of other nonsense like that.

This time I did a post making a chronological list of warnings about the various sites that she's endorsed in the past along with summaries of the red flags. You can view the FULL Web Fortune Master warning here

If you are new to this series of sites, you'll especially want to pay attention to the warning about the coaching programs they try to suck you into. Many people have lost thousands of dollars - and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to the types of coaching programs associated with sites like webfortunemaster.com


There are also post here at ReaScam about many of the sites. And you also might want to read this discussion about Angela Bussio and Phillip Gannuscia.

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