Get Cash Monthly Scam Or Legit?

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by , 11-30-2014 at 02:52 AM (5563 Views)
The Get Cash Monthly program by "Jean" is a new name for an old hustle. I've put out several warnings about this program in the past. The only difference is the program went by different names.

Here are a couple of the warnings that will give you the truth about the Get Cash Monthly program:

My 7 Day Cash Test Warning by "Jean" can be read here.

My warning about Jean's "MyHelpIsFree.com" site is here:

You'll also see other sites that are clones of the GetCashMonthly.com site on that page. Some of those are as follows:

Make Cash Monthly at MakeCashMonthly.com
247 ClickBank Google Cash at 247ClickBankGoogleCash.com
3500 Weekly at 3500Weekly.com
Big Cash To Make at BigCashToMake.com
Easy Big Checks at EasyBigChecks.com
Envision Income at EnvisionIncome.com
My Help Is Free at MyHelpIsFree.com
My Work Will Be Free at MyWorkWillBeFree.com
Online Daily Cash Cow at OnlineDailyCashCow.com
Web Pay Checks at WebPayChecks.com
Work Is Free Today at WorkIsFreeToday.com
Your Website Is Free at YourWebsiteIsFree.com
You Will Get Paid at YouWillGetPaid.com

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