Angela Bussio's Online Profit System

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There's a couple big things you should know about the Angela Bussio Online Profit System course. First of all, Angela Bussio probably has nothing to do with the course. Why? Because she was involved with many similar link-posting scams and the people she was involved with got shut down by the FTC.

The second thing you should know is that the Online Profit System name is a generic name used on fake news sites featuring many of the fake bizop names here. Those fake news sites are used to promoting work at home scams and home business scams with most, if not all, of the red flags that you'll find on this list:

Home Business Scams Red Flag Priority List

The fact that Angela's name is left over on the websites that are promoting the Online Profit System course is also a big red flag. That means that those sites were promoting work from home programs that were eventually shut down by the Federal Trade Commission. We have several forum discussions about Angela and her compatriates here at RealScam.

Here are a few of them:

And here is the FTC action that took down many of the websites that used Angela Bussio to promote them:

FTC Takes On Utah Coaching Companies (Finally)

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