Moustafa Mahmoud Marzook Mohamed

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by , 03-27-2016 at 02:40 PM (1388 Views)
Please be noted that the person named : Moustafa Mahmoud Marzook Mohamed
Passport number: 11673627
Nationality: Egyptian

He is a suspected terrorist, fraud and a scammer. He claims that he is a seaman. He try to claim that he paid money for an American shipping company (Maersk Line Limited) so as to pay for the department of state to give him visa, work permit and green card. This person is an international fraud. We see all his mails. He did this before with many European Embassies, so as to show that he was under scam and under frauds. In order for the Embassy to give him back the money which he claims that he has paid. He did this with many European companies.

He is registered under many personal emails, here are some:

And he creates fraud emails in the name of the original concerned departments, so as to show that thos departments were the one sending him those mails, although he himself is the one writing from it and sending it to his own personal emails. To show finally that he was defrauded, here are some:


Please note that we already sent to the American embassy in Egypt a report about him, however, it's better if your department will report about him also. Their email is: consularcaironiv@state.gov

And he is the one writing from it to his email and then replying to it, adding a cc to your original email, so as to show that he was under scam. Same as he did with this American company emails and same as he did with other European companies and embassies. We have observing him since many months.

The company that he claims he was defrauded by, is Maersk line limited in America, in Norfolk, VA. We already sent them and told them about him. Please send them and warn them from your side also, along with his passport copies.
This is web site: Maersk Line, Limited. U.S. Flag Transportation, Ship management and Technical Services Norfolk, VA

He even created emails in the name of the company and used to write from it to his email, in which he wrote that he made a bank deposit in the name of the company's fleet personnel, in a bank account in Egypt. But if you will ask him for a prove, he will say that he sent the bank slips to the company. That which he did before with many other European embassies and companies.

Please find attached link from the scam baiter web site which has the same report about the Egyptian Fraud/Scammer.


Hope that we are helping you to arrest this fraud.


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