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  1. China's government now "super serious" about arresting fake foreign TEFL teachers using phony diplomas & TEFL certificat

    by , 06-07-2017 at 08:10 PM
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    We all knew this was coming - it was only a matter of time. A strike force of PSB agents and SAFEA clerks are now hunting down the estimated 10,000 fake foreign teachers now working illegally in China with fake diplomas, phony TEFL certificates and even forged police certificates they bought from their dodgy recruiters - so deperate to make a buck that they do not care if their clients get busted or not. ...
  2. Scam Alert! Use & - Get Arrested China TEFL Teacher!

    by , 05-27-2017 at 06:27 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Tank View Post
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    According to BTV News and a Shanghai radio station a record was set for the most fake foreign TEFL teachers ever arrested in China during a single month (more than 1,000) after China's most famous blacklisted tefl teacher job recruiter Rebecca Tang, who now calls herself Rosie Tang was just arrested last March for the second time in 5 years! The first time she pleaded guilty and only served 1 year in jail. But the second time she was facing 10 years
  3. Buying a fake TEFL Certificate got 269 Foreign English teachers arrested in China

    by , 05-11-2017 at 07:28 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by China Dude View Post
    In April alone, Chinese police arrested more foreign teachers than they did in all of 2011 as they told the BTV news reporter "We will find every last fake foreign teacher no matter how long it takes". There new zero tolerance policy stems from the discovery made by a Chinese mother who also happens to be the wife of a deputy Minister whose son was learning English from an American
  4. Joseph Nelson of Mt Helix

    by , 05-02-2017 at 09:45 PM
    Be careful of "Joe" Joseph Nelson of Mt Helix Holdings, USA, dealing in property sales and management. A lot of promises, promises, none of which ever was kept for me and several other people I personally know. He still owes my thousands of dollars, which obviously he has no intention of ever paying me. Do you your own due diligence before dealing with him and make your own decision. But be careful...
  5. Save Money & Grief With 7 China Blacklists that Name & Shame 389 Scams Targeting Foreign Teachers & Buyers Abroad

    by , 04-08-2017 at 07:06 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by China Dude View Post
    Interpol says an average of 80 people are scammed every minute in or from China which puts them ahead of Nigeria as the scam capital of the world. But these 7 web sites help identify at least 389 of the worst offenders that can save us all a lot of grief and money. If any of your friends deal with China in any way, send them this link before they become a victim too.

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