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  1. J. Ryan Conley - Career Scammer

    by , 03-23-2017 at 05:58 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by roundfat View Post
    Ryan Conley - No 1 Scammer. He says he bought a Benz with Bitcoin. It is a Fu... Used Benz. Must have bought it for 3-4 K and passing it around as if he bought a BRAND NEW BENZ.

    He says he is going to eliminate World Hunger. How is he going to do it.
    They give an impression of leading a very High Life which is just a Show. If he was making so much money, he would have bought a BRAND NEW BENZ and BOUGHT A BRAND NEW MANSION. Instead he buys a 3-4K Benz and rents a House. ...
  2. J. Ryan Conley - Career Scammer

    by , 03-23-2017 at 05:51 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Bestbud View Post
    Smart parents don't put their children in Ponzi schemes which are all guaranteed to fail and call it "planning for their future"...

    That Guy will say anything
  3. China Job Fraud Scammers Continue To Recruit Gullible ESL & TEFL Teachers With Fake Ads, Lies, & Hype...

    by , 03-12-2017 at 08:04 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Frankly My Dear... View Post

    "Work Abroad in mysterious China where your money is worth 6 times more and beautiful young Chinese girls stand in line just to talk with you at English Corner!" Recently a a China job recruiter from China Job Express used this line on me, not knowing I had already made my rounds to China and got the hell out after I saw all the great tourist sites, got laid,moved to Singapore to earn 240%
  4. Verification error

    by , 12-14-2016 at 02:28 AM
    Hi there.

    I am trying to reply to a post, but when I type in the VERIFICATION CODE the website says that it is incorrect.
    I have tried it about 30 ways, still wrong.

    What can I do?

    Thanks, Wayne.
  5. Clyde English Harbin China Is a Scam

    by , 12-07-2016 at 02:58 PM
    This company is a terrible company to work for, mainly because of their boss Shiming and Joe, they are terrible overbearing people who dont give any care about their employees, and getting payment out of them is even worse than their egos, they will cast you aside like a dirty rag once they have no more use for you, as they only care about money and not people
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