US Youth Soccer and North Texas State Soccer Association are Dropping the Ball!!!! Garland Soccer / David Arciniega

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Lawsuit Against Garland Soccer / David Arciniega (president)

Heather Dobrott vs. David Arciniega & Garland Soccer Association.pdf

Garland Soccer is in crisis and the governing bodies do not follow their own by-laws and address concerns:

I was canned by NTSSA due to the following:
Any person who files a lawsuit or invokes the aid of the courts on their own
behalf or as a representative for any person against NTSSA, or its officers, employees or
members are representatives of any of its officers, employees or members shall be subject to
sanction of immediate suspension from membership and from all soccer activities under the
jurisdiction of NTSSA and affiliates.
North Texas State Soccer Association (501 c 3 over Garland Soccer Association) says:
2.2.6 Jurisdiction
This Association shall have jurisdiction over all Member Associationsí administrators, referees,
coaches, assistant coaches, managers registered players and teams affiliated with it. Each Member
Association shall retain its own autonomy, but will adhere to its Bylaws and Rules and Regulations
and will comply with the authority of the Association. If the Association is presented sufficient
evidence that a Member Association is not adhering to its Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, the
Association may form a committee to investigate the allegations and make recommendations to the
Executive Committee to correct the infraction(s). If gross misuse of funds, misapplication of
Bylaws, or misapplication of rules and regulations is discovered, the Member Association shall be
declared not in good standing and given sixty (60) days to correct the situation, or the Association
may take more immediate action if deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.
NTSSA has been presented with mountains of evidence over the years and has done nothing but cow-tow to David Arciniega and openly flout this and the Whistleblower Policy

Regarding President David Arciniega the United States Youth Soccer Association states:

Section 1. Annual Fees. 209
A. Organization Member. Each organization member shall pay to USYSA annual fees 210 recommended by the board of directors and approved by the National Council. 211
B. Individual and Sustaining Members. The fees for individual and sustaining members 212 shall be as prescribed by the board of directors. 213

Section 2. Suspensions and Terminations. 214
A. Suspension. 215
1. Failure to Pay Fees. Any member failing to pay any fees due USYSA shall be 216 provided written notice of the delinquency. If those fees are not paid within 30 days 217 after the date of the notice of delinquency, the delinquent member may be 218 suspended from membership in USYSA after a proper hearing pursuant to 219 Subsection 3B of this Article. The member shall be notified in writing of any 220 suspension and the date on which membership will be terminated if the fees remain 221 unpaid. 222
2. Due to Litigation. 223
(a) Any person participating in a USYSA program, or in a program of a state 224 association or a program of a member of a state association, who becomes a 225 defendant in litigation detrimental to the welfare of youth players or litigation 226 based on activities detrimental to the welfare of youth players, shall be 227 suspended from all soccer-related activities. Suspensions under this bylaw shall 228 be determined by the appropriate state association or the USYSA Board of 229 Directors.
Matters detrimental to the welfare of youth players shall include, but 230
September 1, 2014 Page 7

not be limited to, crimes of moral turpitude and felonies.
The person has a right 231 to appeal the suspension only over whether the matter which is the substance of 232 the accusation, if true, is detrimental to the welfare of youth players. 233
(b) On completion of the litigation, the suspended person may inform the body 234 suspending the person under Subsection 2A2(a) of this Article that the litigation 235 has been completed and request that the suspension be terminated and the 236 person reinstated. The suspending body may grant the request of the person or, 237 if the decision of the litigation was adverse to the person, may continue the 238 suspension for a period specified by the suspending body, fine the person, 239 terminate all membership of that person with the suspending body and its 240 members, or any combination of those authorized penalties. 241
B. Termination. 242
1. The membership of a state association may be terminated by the National Council 243 for cause by a two-thirds vote of the National Council. 244
2. If the membership of a state association is terminated either by resignation from 245 USYSA or under Subsection 2A1 or Subsection 2B1 of this Article, USYSA shall 246 immediately undertake actions to replace that organization with another 247 organization having the same USYSA jurisdiction as the organization whose 248 membership is terminated. That replacement organization may include an 249 organization established and temporarily operated by USYSA. 250
3. The board of directors may terminate the membership of a sustaining member as 251 prescribed in Section 3A of this Article. 252

Section 3. Suspension, Termination and Other Penalties. 253
A. The board of directors may suspend, fine, terminate and/or impose any other penalty 254 on any member of USYSA, if the board determines that: 255
1. the conduct of the member is adverse to the best interests of soccer or USYSA;
or 256
2. the member has not complied with the requirements of its membership in USYSA. 257
B. The board of directors may act under this Article only after a hearing, reasonable 258 notice to the member of the time and place of the hearing, and providing the member 259 with a reasonable opportunity to present evidence in support of the memberís position. 260

Section 4. Effect. A suspension or other disciplinary action imposed by USYSA in accordance 261 with these bylaws shall be recognized by all members of USYSA on notification by USYSA. 262 Suspensions and other disciplinary actions imposed by members of USYSA shall be 263 recognized by USYSA and all other USYSA members on proper notification to USYSA. 264
I got thrown out for filing this necessary suit after long since exhausting every option, and I demand NTSSA and US Youth apply their by-laws to David Arciniega!

The coaches are fed up with this discriminatory environment!
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  1. Soapboxmom's Avatar

    Coaches need to get all the facts. Elections are on June 2nd. The coaches can clean house and vote in new leadership. They could even vote to dissolve this joke of an association or move en mass to US Club Soccer if North Texas and US Youth Soccer are not stepping in and investigating according to their by-laws.
  2. Soapboxmom's Avatar
    Directors should not be soliciting construction jobs from the GSA president David Arciniega nor should their registered level 2 sex offender husband be handling rosters and at every soccer activity around the kids as if in a position of authority because the nut case director doesn't drive:
  3. Soapboxmom's Avatar
  4. Soapboxmom's Avatar

    US Youth Soccer has cleaned house before. Time to clean house again and show David Arciniega the door and get North Texas back to doing their job!

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