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Thread: Pet Protector

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    Pet Protector

    Is this product for real. Does it keep an animal tick and flea free for four years. Is the company a legitimate registered company?

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    Re: Pet Protector

    The Pet Protector disc's technology is based on a combination of electromagnetic waves and scalar waves which create a protective field around it’s carrier. The scalar waves are produced by the combination of Earth’s Magnetic Field and a live being movement (blood circulation). However, these scalar waves cannot have a constant emission unless there's a "trigger" energy which creates a "Perpetual Mobile" effect. Earth’s Magnetic Field (strength between 25 to 65 micro Tesla) is not powerful enough to "trigger" constant production of scalar waves which are strong enough to effectively repel external parasites, nor can they last for a longer period of time. That's why, the Pet Protector disc represents the only effective product of its kind, since it's charged not only with the scalar waves, but with an additional portion of electromagnetic field as well, that enables the scalar waves to constantly renew themselves and effectively protect the disc carrier. Goldstar guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee only on discs purchased on our website (Affiliate member website) and delivered by our company.
    Pet Protector - About

    If you can make one bit of sense out of that pseudo scientific mumbo jumbo B/S then you're a better man than me.


    * It doesn't work

    * It DEFINITELY doesn't work for four years

    As far as being a "legitimate registered company" what difference does it make if it is ??

    My local hamburger joint is a "legitimate registered company" So what ???

    Registration does not equal government approval nor legitimacy of the product.

    Anyone can register a company online for less than $100, without even having to be there, as long as you don't try and register the same company name as somebody else.

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    Re: Pet Protector

    NO IDEA, but a few thoughts.

    If it was a legitimate prevention option, it would go standard routes to promote their product. They would have scientific studies they could take to vet offices and go mainstream. Hucksters have been pushing the benefits of special bracelets that create mystical barriers around people for years. But hey, if it works for you, or your pets then great. If I could wear a bracelet and not be such an insufferable ass I would, but my Chakras are too far out of line at this point in life.

    As for "chemicals" and "drugs" being all bad, I find that argument a bit misguided. Life expectancy and more importantly quality of life in both humans and house pets has increased over the years, remarkably so from a time when everything was "all natural". Fleas and ticks are only two parasites that pet owners need to worry about. Various worms, including heart worm are others. Heart worm is not only expensive to treat, it is painful for the animal. Heartworm Disease in Dogs | VCA Animal Hospitals Remarkably it can be greatly prevented by an awful pill. Kennel Cough, Distemper, Parvo and Rabies can all be greatly prevented with evil vaccines.

    Kennel cough - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Canine distemper - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Canine parvovirus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Rabies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    So do you get the magic tag and still give your pet all the other stuff? Or do you get the magic tag and skip the other stuff in lieu of other mystical remedies found on the internet? I use a topical flea and tick treatment, and a monthly oral for worms on all my dogs. Then they get whatever shots the vet recommends, shrug and pay the bill. Have never had a problem with fleas or ticks, and to save a few bucks I would not even consider switching. (I did have one dog that could not get vaccines and did not have any problems, but was an indoor dog, so basically lived in a bubble. If running in the woods, or at the dog park, I suspect the outcome would have been much different.)

    ================================================== =

    This person set up a Facebook page, on it was a link to some sort of a study with a .gov URL. I am not a Vet, so I have no idea of the validity of the study.


    Evaluation of the CatanDog's tag to prevent flea infestations, inhibit flea reproduction or repel existing flea infestations on cats.
    Dryden MW, Payne PA, Smith V.

    Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, 1800 Denison Ave., Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 66506, USA. dryden@vet.ksu.edu

    To evaluate the ability of the CatanDog's tag to eliminate fleas, inhibit egg production and prevent flea infestations, six domestic shorthaired cats were randomly allocated to two treatment groups and housed individually in stainless steel metabolic cages. Three cats were each fitted with a CatanDog's tag; the other three cats were not fitted with tags and served as controls. Following a 42-day acclimation period, each of the six cats was infested with 100, 1-3 day post-emergence, adult Ctenocephalides felis felis (Bouché) on days 0, 7, 14, 21, and 27. Flea egg production was determined by collecting and enumerating eggs 2, 4 and 6 days after each infestation. Viability of eggs was determined by placing 100 eggs recovered from each cat in rearing media in an insect rearing chamber and determining adult emergence at 28 days. Adult fleas were recovered from cats 6 days post-infestation by thoroughly combing each cat to remove fleas. To determine if the tags provided protection from infestation, the six cats were placed into a 8.53mx4.36 m room with 400 cat fleas for 3h. Cats were then combed to remove and enumerate fleas. The CatanDog's tags had no significant effect upon egg production, egg viability, or adult fleas infesting cats. In addition there was no difference in the numbers of fleas recovered from the cats placed in the flea-infested room.

    Evaluation of the CatanDog's tag to prevent fl... [Vet Parasitol. 2000] - PubMed - NCBI

    ================================================== =

    These were a few comments from the website for the product. This seems to me like a catch 22, in that if your product does not work they can say you did not pre-treat the animal properly. People can do whatever they want, but dealing with fleas is nowhere on my list. A while back I took a dog that belonged to a family close to us to the vet for Mange. The dog shock of all shockers also had fleas. The vet gave him a pill, "this will take care of the fleas"he says. "Here Fido, swallow this" I says. I don't have 20 days to be chanting and waiting for his Aura to be just right, maybe others do.

    The period for creating the protective field is 7-20 days (depending on your pet's size), which is why it is important that your pet does not have any larvae of the parasite, as it could acclimate to the new frequency and continue breeding.
    • Allow 7-20 days for activation (depending on your pet's size).
    • If Pet Protector is moved away from your pet, it needs another 7-20 days (depending on pet's size) to get reactivated.
    • High infestation areas may require a multi-faceted approach.

    ================================================== =

    Set up by person who appears to now be a dealer. The page contains both pro and con testimonials.


    ================================================== =

    Funny stuff at the Pit Bull Forum. They hate spammers too.


    Pet Protector ? Safer alternative than other flea and tick products?

    ================================================== =

    UH-OH, knock off tags. But this one claims you can "test", whatever that means.

    Pet Protector Scam?

    ================================================== =

    From Amazon, one pro, one con review.

    Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Pet Protector Non-toxic Flea and Tick Repellent

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