The success of online frauds is no accident.

Success depends on coordinating large numbers of "shills" or "pimps" who are tasked with seeking out potential victims in their local area or groups.

Today we bring you one such person.

Meet Australian charter boat skipper and fisherman LES YOUMAN

Les is behind the Fishing Adventure, Fun and Stories page on Facebook

And is known as
skipperles on Instagram

He also skippers fishing boats out of Townsville in Queensland

But, Les has another side, a darker side.

A secret side:

You guessed it, Les Youman is a pimp for the rapidly collapsing fraudulent scheme, USI-Tech

Not only has Les successfully ripped off his neighbours in Heatley, in Queensland, he claims to have 800, 000 in his "downline"

Les has also taken to YouTube to spread the word, although, along with his Facebook profile, videos have mysteriously disappeared of late

Luckily for any potential victims, not all of them, though

I somehow don't think Les' mate is in line for the "Most natural supporting actor" award

Les Youman certainly hasn't endeared himself to any of his Queensland neighbours at all

It's rumoured one family has been taken for AUD $80,000

Then there's this:

One can only hope the authorities are watching.

Frauds the size of USI-Tech simply cannot function without an army of "Les Youmans"