Let's see if me can recap the video's lowlights.

1. The government doesn't want you to get ahead.
2. The powers that be don't understand crypto.
3. The company felt it was too much hassle to do business in the country with its largest investor base.

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Note the part where you won't be paid below, let's call this 4. One through three are refrains we always hear from scammers, with four being what we hear from management. This has everything to do with being a scam.

Explanation of United States/Canada Changes

Dear partners,

Our decision for the US and Canada was not easy for us as a company. From the beginning, we have fought for this market with all of the opportunities available to us despite all opposition.

We have frequently denounced the misconduct of many partners in the US and Canada regarding the misrepresentation of our products and our company, and we have pointed out the risks and possible consequences many times.

We have threatened partners with exclusion due to their misconduct, but this has not led to changes in behavior. On the contrary, the portrayals of our business have become increasingly negligent.

This triggered increasingly difficult disputes with regulatory authorities.

In the end, our advisors urged us to discontinue market access for our partners in the US and Canada to avoid more serious damage to the company.

All further action in the US and Canada is now in the hands of our legal advisors. All subsequent steps will only be carried out on the basis of legally-compliant instructions from our advisors. Of course, we will provide information on timekeeping in any case.

Regrettably, investigations have found many abuses regarding double accounts and false accounts that have been used for unlawful payouts. We will also prosecute these abuses to the fullest extent of the law.

Until these investigations are completed, we are barred from making any payments to prevent additional abuses.

Again, we would like to point out that all misconduct worldwide with respect to misrepresentations or potential manipulation of our system will be punished with immediate expulsion from the company.

We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation with all reputable business partners and customers so that we can continue our unique success story.

Best regards,