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Here is the latest scamming email that they sent, which includes basically everything that Ken Russo pimps!!!!!!!!

"Update from Roger & Linda
Hi Friend hoping that this newsletter finds you well.
You also know that we are always available to answer any questions you might have.
Friend we are getting close to go. If you are not a member of our M2MMDC group now would be a great time to join us. M2MMDC

April 7, 2017

RFA/DNT Team Build - Important Details and Instructions Summary

Here is a list of the most important items everyone needs to be aware of
before we launch the RFA/DNT Team Build tomorrow morning.

1. Basic Information

We will be team building in 2 separate programs.

Program # 1 - Revenue From Advertising (RFA)
This is the main program

Program # 2 - Daily Net Traffic (DNT)
This is the feeder program

It is important for everyone to study these generic websites...

IMPORTANT - Do not sign up at the links provided above. These
are generic websites for information only.

The founder/administrator of both program is John Kielec who has
pledged to provide immediate support whenever we may need
assistance. John resides in Ontario, Canada and Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

There is no reason or incentive for anyone to have more than 2
personally referred members. John has assured us that the software
has been thoroughly beta-tested and that it places members 2 under
2 without exception. This is how we are able to use only one team
build referral link for each program.

Both programs utilize a member-to-member payment process. If you
have studied the websites (links provided above) you will see how
the payments flow and how we progress from one level to the next.

2. Team Build Links

Most importantly, when we launch the team build tomorrow Saturday,
April 8, at 12 NOON EST, everyone will receive the team build link for
both the main program (RFA) and the feeder program (DNT). Each and
every member must use the team build link to establish their first account
in one or both programs and for each subsequent account(re-entry) in one
or both programs. Anyone who uses a link other than the team build link
will not benefit from the team build.

Everyone who uses the team build link to join one of both programs is
expected to conform to the re-entry requirement discussed in earlier
updates. Those who do not comply will be removed from our club and
from the program(s). All of our updates are posted at our teambuildblog

Please do not join either program unless you are funded and prepared
to send your payment(s) immediately. If you join and you are not ready
to proceed you will be impeding the progress of those who are ready to

In order for this team build to function as efficiently as possible we need
everyone to proceed as quickly as possible. This means that you will act
quickly when sending payments and also when receiving payments which
you will need to confirm right away in your RAF and DNT back office.
Thorough instructions are provided at both websites and it is important
to review all of the details.

3. Send and Receive Options

We have advised our members to have as many payment methods as
possible listed in their RAF and DNT back office. The most frequently
used payment methods are as follows.....


Everyone should have a Bitcoin Wallet because the transfer fees are
fractional when compared to most of the other payment processors.

To set up a Bitcoin account otherwise known as a Bitcoin Wallet.....

Go here >>>>>>>

Helpful videos


Even if you do not intend to use STP to send funds you should still
have an account to receive funds.

To set up a STPay account go here >>>

Select PERSONAL Account

Complete the form making sure to write down your username, login
password, secondary password and secret question and answer during
the process.


Even if you do not intend to use Payza to send funds you should still
have an account to receive funds.

To set up a Payza account go here >>>


Select "Personal"

Follow the instructions and write down your password, transaction PIN
and your password recovery question.

I also recommend that our members who reside in the USA set up a
Bluebird account. To do this go to and
follow the simple instructions.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having as many send and
receive options as possible. Using my account as an example I have
the following receive options listed.....


*I do not recommend the use of Paypal. It should be used only if there
are no other options. When using Paypal to send it is important to select
"Pay for goods or services". DO NOT use "Send to friends and family".

4. Information At The RFA and DNT Websites

It is important to review the information provided at the website when
you join one or both of the programs. With regard to the main program
(RFA) the most important link to click on is "PLEASE Do This First".
You will be taken to a page which has 2 sections which are....

Section 1. This section covers HOW TO PURCHASE your RFA

Section 2. You GOT PAID from RFA!

This page provides very useful screen shots and information about
How To Purchase and what to do when you Receive Payments.

5. Send and Receive Protocol

Payment Processor Fees

There is discussion in our blog about whether or not to add enough
funds to cover the transfer fees when sending a payment. We have
discussed this with John Kielec and he suggested that we send the
exact amount indicated and that we do not add any additional funds
to cover the transfer fees. In other words, the recipient will incur the
cost of the transfer. Therefore, the standard procedure is to send the
exact amount indicated so that everyone is on the same page.


When you are ready to upgrade we would like everyone to establish
contact with their assigned sponsor to determine if they are at that
level. If not give them a reasonable time to upgrade. We cant slow
the process for days as it would bog down the system but a few hours
won't hurt and it builds team cohesiveness and is the right thing to do.

Sending A Payment

When it is time for you to send a payment you will click on the
"Purchase Position(s)" link found in your RFA or DNT back office.
Do not click on the link unless you are prepared to send your payment
immediately. If you click on the link and you do not send your payment
it will impede the progress of the member who is listed as the recipient.

Emergency Funding Assistance

In the event that you are unable to send a payment to a recipient due to
not having a mutually acceptable method of funds transfer, you may send
a message to me at my personal email address (
with the subject "Emergency Funding Assistance". In the body of your
message you must send me your login in details so I can see what is
listed in your back office and I will attempt to resolve the issue as quickly
as possible.

6. Commitment

Are You Committed?

comĚmitĚted - feeling dedication and loyalty to a cause, activity, or job;
wholeheartedly dedicated: "a committed team player"

This team build is designed to deliver a very significant income stream.
This is not just another quick hit endeavor that is here today and gone
tomorrow. If everyone works together we can accomplish great things
as the RFA/DNT Team Build evolves. However, we need each and every
member to be firmly committed. If, for any reason, you have any doubt
that this will work, I respectfully ask that you not participate in this project.

Watch for the next update to arrive tomorrow, Saturday at 12 NOON EST
with the subject "RFA/DNT Team Build Links" which will provide the
links you need to join one or both of the programs associated with this
team build.
Col 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
I finally learned that I either had to improve my skills or diminish my dreams.
~ John Austin ~

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Thank You for being part of our circle of friends.

Roger & Linda Pepin"