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Thread: Roger and Linda Pepin

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    Re: Roger and Linda Pepin

    You have to the scammer sending out a scam warning followed by an invitation to join another obvious scam being pimped by Ken Russo!!!!!

    "Update from Roger & Linda
    Hi Friend hoping that this newsletter finds you well.
    You also know that we are always available to answer any questions you might have.

    Hi Friend

    I just received this from Ken Russo and I just wanted you guys to see it.
    I also joined the AdFeedz and you will find my link below.

    Scam Alert

    I have received lots of invitations to join the new X10 program.
    One of these came from Gina Kelly on November 13. She sent
    this follow up message yesterday....

    Scam Alert .... Don't fall for this one ...

    Yes I sent it out but do not upgrade. The new X10 platform is way
    too similar to other scams in the past. Don't be fooled by the fancy
    website and watch the video below, it is not just me that spotted it
    a mile away ... it will not end well, trust me .... We all want
    automation and done for us systems..

    You will hear the name Chris Fox mentioned in the video link. You may
    recall that this lowlife scammer was behind the Filthy Rich scam back in
    June of this year. Please help us to expose this serial scammer and forward
    this alert to your contacts.

    First Notice Advisory - AdFeedz

    I received the following invitation from Frank Bauer who, along
    with Clinton Clark, is the co-founder/admin of ViralURL, Infinity and Both of these gentlemen
    are well respected in the industry. They would never promote any program
    without knowing the founder/admin team.

    Hi Ken,

    You are cordially invited to join the opening of AdsFeedz; an income
    generating advertising platform, designed and owned by Ori Ginex, a
    talented developer and trusted admin.

    AdsFeedz was secretly in the making for a long time, and finally, its
    doors are wide open.

    Be one of the the first to try AdsFeedz' quality, 24 h unique, Traffic
    Exchange advertising and be the first to review its genius income
    generating structure that includes 6 Ways of Earning with up to 90%

    In that ingeniously designed system even free members can earn their
    Daily Profit portion from the AdsFeedz Surf Pool, and they can invite
    other members and earn from their purchases direct commission.

    With the optional $29 purchase of an advertising/profit contract of 20,000
    advertising credits, you will open all the remaining ways of earning and
    your profit contract will stay active up to 50 days (or it will end up earlier
    when you reach 120% of the amount you purchase).

    AdsFeedz is a whole new advertising/income monster Join and grow with
    us right now!

    Looking forward to seeing you inside. :)

    To your success,

    Frank Bauer

    Steps to join.....

    1. Click here and enter your email
    address. You will see a notice that a verification code has been sent to
    your email address along with instructions to whitelist the program in
    case the notice landed in your spam folder.

    2. You should receive a message with the subject "Verification Required
    at AdFeedz" which contains the code needed to verify your account. You
    can copy a paste the code where indicated.

    3. Now you are taken to the form you need to complete to create your

    4. Important - Be sure to click on the "Earning Tutorials" link and review
    each of them. As explained in "Earning With Surf Pool" you can earn without
    the need to have an active contract.

    5. The purchase of just one active contract costing just $29 makes you
    eligible for all of the pools discussed. To purchase you will click on "Buy
    Ads & Earn" and enter the number of packages you wish to purchase and
    then select your payment method. Each Package you purchase will give you
    1 Profit Contract for 50 Days (or until you reach the max 120%), to receive
    Cash Back Earnings from the Surf Pool, Team Pool, Group Pool and Global
    Pool. I purchased 10 contracts via Coin Payments at 5:36 am this morning
    and the payment was confirmed in about 30 minutes.

    6. To surf you will click on the "Earn Credits" link at the top of the website.
    The more you surf the more you earn!

    This is one of the best platforms I have seen in the paid-to-surf space and
    I believe it will be well received.

    Roger Pepin"

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    busttheblock is offline Senior Scambuster
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    Oct 2012

    Re: Roger and Linda Pepin

    Love the excuse for pimping an obvious scam! What a f'ing loser!

    "Update from Roger & Linda
    Hi Friend hoping that this newsletter finds you well.
    You also know that we are always available to answer any questions you might have.

    Hi Friend

    A new $1 company forced 3x3 cycler is launching Jan. 6. The reason I joined this one is simple it is affordable only $1, being a big spender I started with $5 hahahaha.
    But what I see here are realistic numbers not something with astronomical numbers that really look good on paper but nobody will ever achieve. Now is your chance to leverage your early notice and set yourself up to earn maximum profits. Check it out... it's going to be HUGE!!!!

    Please be sure to check your spam folder for your confirmation as that
    is where mine went.

    They have a Facebook group as well. Click on the link below to join.

    The key to this one is get in and purchase your positions as fast as possible
    as soon as the turn on the "Purchase" tab. Plus, there is a 10 dollar referral
    bonus as well so at just a buck to join, I expect thousands to jump on board.

    Roger Pepin"

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