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Thread: Sindu Thomas - one of the worst ponzi pimps on the Net

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    Re: Sindu Thomas - one of the worst ponzi pimps on the Net

    This crook is still pimping the good ole revshare scams!

    "Just LIVE!
    Launching in 9 Days!

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    Re: Sindu Thomas - one of the worst ponzi pimps on the Net

    Known scammers are back with another ponzi scam, currently being pimped by Sindu the scammer.

    "Leaders FOUNDER Invite!

    Frank Hester,Clinton Clark, Frank Bauer 3 Top Marketers Are Launching
    A Powerful Matrix System!

    Launching Dec 1st Week!
    Right Now Over 2,555 Founder Matrix Advertising Packs SOLD OUT!

    Become a Founder for Anywhere From $30 to $254!
    The $30 Payment Itself Purchases 15 Ad Packs and Fill YOUR OWN First 3 Levels!

    On Launch You Can Buy $2 Ad Matrix Packs!

    => Each $2 Ad Matrix Position Payout Greater Than 90K System Designed For Max Earning!
    => Each $2 Ad Matrix Position Fills Your Own Matrix Position!

    Read On To Know Much More It Will Explode and Earn You Massive Cash...

    Here's Where it Gets Really Good:

    1. The First Matrix Position will Follow the Members Sponsor and all Additional
    Matrix Positions will Fall into the MEMBER'S OWN 2 x 20 matrix in the First
    Available Open Position, Filling YOUR OWN First 3 Levels! (This is HUGE!)

    2. Crypto Pros will also Pay a 100% Matrix Income Match on all Personal Referrals..

    => If Your Referral Earns $ do YOU!
    => If Your Referral Earns $5, do YOU! (WOW!)

    100% Matrix Match on the Matrix Earnings of your Direct Referrals.
    This will create a BIG Income for Active Participants!

    3. A Unique PIF system: After 14 days all Registered Free (Unpaid) Members will
    be Available for Anyone to PIF them by Purchasing the Free member $2 Advertising Pack.
    YOU will then become their Sponsor. So Refer or Just Buy your Downline!

    => 2x20 Personally Forced Matrix / Creates Massive Income From Depth!

    => $2 Minimum Purchase / $30 Minimum Purchase during the Founders Pre-Launch!

    => "Position Stacking" to Create Maximum Income Leverage is allowed and ENCOURAGED!

    => "PIF Pool" that Allows Members to Pay It Forward for Random Members.
    This Feature will act similar to a Guaranteed Ad Co-Op in that you can actually Purchase Referrals!
    (this is a True "Killer App" that could help CRYPTO PROS to Absolutely EXPLODE in Membership and Longevity!)

    CryptoProswill be perfect for the little guy with only $2 to get started
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    Join Here { Temporary Link }:

    When you Fill out the form, Please Use My Info

    Sponsor name: Sindu Thomas
    Sponsor username: SCAMMER

    Send an Email You Joined and Made Payment I Will Take a Prenote Too And See You Are In!

    Grab your Founders position ASAP!"

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    Re: Sindu Thomas - one of the worst ponzi pimps on the Net

    Another "Big One" scam from this crook and scumbag!

    "Huge Prelaunch!! X10 The Worlds 1st Fully Automated Bitcoin Automated Income - Dont Miss!

    The Big One!
    Join The Biggest Prelaunch of the Year!

    X10 The world's 1st Fully Automated Bitcoin Automated Income Platform!
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