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Thread: Terry Burns - Major scammer

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer


    If you ever needed proof of why nobody should ever pay attention to low level ponzi pimps likeTerry Burns, ADESIRE2RETIRE is it:

    Dead before Terry Burns even had time to work his pimp magic.

    Too funny
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    Here is the latest ponzi scam being pimped by the scamming asshole! This needs to stopped ASAP. His mentor is a major ponzi scammer, Tyron Indalsingh!

    "Hello Teammates

    This is a TIME SENSITIVE email to bring into focus a new Bitcoin o.pportunity and propose that we work together to all build this one for those who see fit to do so.

    I think you will want to hear what I have to say so please humor/permit me a few moments of your time so that I could explain.

    I'll get straight to the point....Bitcoin has now soared past $9600 as of writing this email and even if people doubted it before, it should be extremely clear to everyone now that it is very beneficial not only to generate more and more Bitcoins but also to hold on to these Bitcoins as they will only continue to increase.

    All of us would be in different opportunities and have our likes and dislikes as well as various standards as to what we look for in an o.pportunity before getting involved but I think we would all agree that any program that actually allows everyone to e.arn daily in BITCOIN ( not USD ) is of interest and even more so if we could actually find something honest and transparent.

    It always amazes me when a program owner claims what he/she is doing is legitimate and transparent and never comes forward out in the open ......If all of these "we make m0ney from crypto trading" programs are actually trading then why can't they be totally transparent with people and show their trades?

    If a program revolves around crypto mining why can't adequate proof be shown? If anything this could only help to strengthen belief and participation, but I think we all know why most of these programs never come clean and be totally transparent :)

    I'm sure that even with that said, we are all in opportunities that we fancy for one reason or the other but we are all seasoned enough to also appreciate that diversification is also always needed online and I want to share an o.pportunity with you that I believe will be of interest to every single one of you.

    Apart from the p.assive side, it also contains a very lu.crative binary so I am reaching out to see who is interested in joining and building this with me before I actually begin as positioning is key and I will also show everyone how to be able to e.arn even more from the binary WITHOUT actually having to recruit anyone new if you didn't want to.

    Spillover will be huge so those who take action now will enjoy the better placement in the binary and therefore have much more potential of additional e.arnings as we progress.

    I have not started as yet and plan to pre-build this for a couple of days while I coordinate with certain leaders who are interested in getting involved as collectively we will bring much more value to our respective downlines and ourselves.

    I am only building my top position so there will be quite a bit of spillover for everyone who commits now but first you need to understand and appreciate why I think this program is so special and why I want to pursue it.

    The program is called Crypto Bit Trade and I am adding a page below with some videos and urge you to take the time to consider this o.pportunity before dismissing it as it does possess many desirable characteristics of which I will highlight a few below.

    -- First and foremost it is owned by two individuals who have clearly identified themselves and are known and have stepped up and provided complete transparency both in regard to who they are, what their business model is, all of their future plans and the actual results of their trading taking place right now.....This already makes it better than 99% of the other programs out there at the moment.

    -- They do REAL crypto trading with proof of results as you will see if you take the time to explore this o.pportunity.

    -- They p.ay 1% a day in BITCOIN , 5 days a week for 40 weeks until you double your bitcoin.

    -- Each day you e.arn more and more bitcoin which is itself constantly increasing in value, as we continue to see, thereby creating a sort of DOUBLE E.ARNING effect.

    -- Once your e.arnings reach 0.03btc they p.ay this out automatically to your Bitcoin wallet and then you can strategically back new positions under yourself in the Binary to not only start e.arning 1% on this new position but also a binary commission as well...all along Bitcoin will continue increasing in price so it's a win-win-win.

    -- They do not trade every day as some days the markets are not conducive to trading but seeing that they consistently make more than 1% a day on the days that they do trade ( they have e.arned as much as 30-40% a day on some of their trades ) then this "reserve f.und"provides the 1% a day needed.

    -- They have a diversified trading portfolio which involves several traders, some trade conservatively for 2-3% consistently a day while others use more aggressive strategies to make the bigger returns 5%+ a day. They allocate a certain amount of f.unds to these traders so the f.unds are traded differently on any given day.

    -- They have just completed the construction of a Bitcoin mining facility ( with proof ) that is now operational. This will be used to continue to boost the reserve f.und to create added stability for the daily p.ayouts and also to soon be able to offer Bitcoin mining packs to the membership.

    -- They have already partnered with a Forex Trading company ( for those who want yet another i.ncome stream ) where members can take part in Forex trading where the software trades people's own accounts and there is multiple MyFxBook accounts that will prove that this Forex Trading has made on average 80-90% ROI for the year so far.

    -- The company allows you to pay $25 a month to their traders who teaches everyone how to trade cryptocurrency and various strategies to use. Members can follow along while the trades in the private Telegram group and learn to trade for themselves if they so desire.

    -- Finally, for those who don't want to learn to trade for themselves but would like to e.arn even more than the 1% daily that the company offers, they will soon be introducing their very own Automated Crypto Bot which will trade the cryptocurrency market for members. This means that members will be able to use this bot and earn independently of the company and anyone else.

    --For those who are also teambuilders/ listbuilders/list managers, there is a very attractive binary which offers a huge o.pportunity to e.arn significant bitcoin .Even passive members can strategically build their own binaries and we will show you how to do this to explode your e.arning potential.

    - There are several packages available and very flexible features which include the ability to positions under yourself ( for passive folks to actually be able to activate themselves in the binary plus e.arn from the binary with strategic placement of more and more positions without ever even recruiting anyone ).

    Another key feature is the ability to start with one package and upgrade this package anytime you have the f.unds, which in turn allows you to then e.arn a greater percentage in the binary from that position.

    -- There is something for everyone in this opportunity. The program is only about 3 months old and they are already talking about capping the membership , possibly in the next 45 days and/or when they reach 10k members to allow the existing members to derive all the benefits.

    Thank you for your time so far and if you are still reading it means that you must at least be somewhat interested so I invite you now to review the page below and take the time to watch the three videos on that won't be sorry.

    In closing, if you do choose to join with me, my business partner is already working on a complete marketing system that will more than likely be totally f.ree to all of my downline and their downline and we will also work on a co-op for those who are interested in sharing even more ( even though you can do this completely passively as well and e.arn very nicely ).

    This will be added incentive for so many to join with us and make it possible to build this binary very quickly......but more on this if/when you commit to being part of the team.

    If this interests you, please get back to me as soon as possible as I am PRE-BOOKING people now and will add you in the binary according to when you actually commit to joining.

    This is a great o.pportunity to be a part of so don't let this one pass you by but you need to make a decision quickly for best placement which opens up not only the passive 1% a day but also the additional binary possibilities.

    You will be shown everything step-by-step but for now you need to get back to me with the following details:
    Send email to

    Package you want to start with :

    Note: You will need a Tri-pack. Your top position and then you sponsor 2 other positions under yourself to qualify yourself in the binary....but all of this will be explained to you.

    You also will need to have your Bitcoin ready as once you register you would be required to p.ay right away.

    To YOUR Success,
    Terry Burns"

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    And here is the latest scam being pimped by this crook!

    "NEW ICO That Looks Very Promising - Time Sensitive Offer

    Hello Teammates

    I would like to share with you an amazing opportunity to get in ground floor on
    the hottest new crytpo asset called TPAY. It is the world‚€™s most secure coin and
    has been called Bitcoin on Steroids.

    Register today and receive a 100% bonus on the official token sale through
    December 13th.

    There are no guarantee's in this industry however all signs point to HUGE profits
    on this one!

    Don't miss this one!

    Go to:

    To YOUR Success,
    Terry Burns"

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    Who want to bet that ALL 3 of this idiots scam programs are gone by the end of 2018?

    "PROJECT 2018 - My exact strategy and Programs revealed

    Hello Teammates

    As 2017 comes to a close it is important to reflect on the year gone by to try to decipher what has worked and what has failed and devise a plan of action incorporating more of what has proven to work and less of what has failed.

    There have been so many programs over the last year, some still around while the majority have come and gone. It really is a difficult task knowing which programs to back and which to let slide.

    For me personally, it is becoming more and more apparent to me the programs that merit special attention and I want to marry them together in a special way that would see us all benefiting in a number of different ways.

    I have detailed it all on the link below so if you are interested in seeing what I am going to focus on from now into 2018 and beyond and exactly how I am going to do it then just click below and have a read.

    Those who do take the time to read it carefully will see the huge potential and logic in the strategy and if you want to follow me into this then get back to me an lets discuss exactly what it would take for this to become a reality for you.

    If not, then as usual......carry on and good luck to you !!!

    To YOUR Success,
    Terry Burns"

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    All three will be lucky to last to mid-2018 let alone to the end of 2018. But it will be fun to read his explanation why they all crashed and burned. Oh wait, it will be all of us "haters" fault.
    Founder/President Eagle Research Associates
    Author: "Robbing You With A Keyboard Instead Of A Gun - Cyber Crime How They Do It" available in soft cover and eBook at
    Lifetime Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    This what absolute scumbags send out on Christmas Eve! Knowing damn well that is another ponzi scam! I am so sick of these lowlifes!

    "Pre ICO - Huge for 2018 - 100X Guaranteed When ICO Ends

    Hello Teammates

    The Next Electroneum!
    Monyx ICO Switzerland 100X Guaranteed When ICO Ends!

    A Reputable Site With 5 Years Domain Upto 2021!
    Monyx ICO After 4 Years of Successful Live Trading Officially Released!

    Just 2 Days ICO Starts!
    ICO Crowdsale Starts with the Initial Price of $0.45 - $1!

    - Earn Lending,Mining,Trading & Staking!
    - Lending 50% To 60% Monthly Upto 140 Days!
    - Target Price Q1 2018 - $10,000 Monyx ICO is projected to be worth $150,000 in Q1 2018!
    - 10% Yearly Buy-Back Plan: Buy Back Monyx Coins in the Open Market Every Day After the ICO

    Algorithms are Currently Integrated to the Following Exchanges
    Bittrex,BitMex,Bitfinex,HitBtc,Poloniex,gdax & Binance!

    If You Buy in Early, You will Make At least 200% Profit at the End of the ICO!
    $10,000 invested in Monyx ICO is projected to be worth $150,000 in Q1 2018

    What is Coming?

    January 2018 - Lending Starts,Listing on External Exchanges (, Cryptopia)
    - Launch of Internal Exchange (January 15th)
    - Target: $15-$20 Per Coin
    - 15X Since ICO Price

    February-March 2018 - Listing on HitBTC, CoinMarketCap
    - Monyx Mining Pool
    - Target: $50-$80 Per Coin
    - 50X Since ICO Price

    Q2 2018 - Robo Advisory Service,Institutional Investors
    - Listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
    - Listing on Major exchanges!
    - Target: $100-$150 Per Coin
    - 100X Since ICO Price

    ICO Referral Commissions : 8% - 3% - 1%
    Lending Referral Commissions: 8% - 3% - 2% - 1% - 0.5%

    You Can Choose Options For Tokens Or Btc Withdrawal When Referral Buys Coins!

    You can Withdraw your Initial Capital Anytime!

    Instant withdrawal of ICO referral commission in Bitcoin!

    Bitcoin ACCEPTED!

    Join NOW:

    Note When Signing Up If You Are Not Able To See Join Now Button Click Enter On Keyboard!

    To YOUR Success,
    Terry Burns"

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    Here is what this moronic scammer is pimping now:


    Hello Teammates,

    >>> This is time sensitive as you can receive double your c0ins through January 15th
    so hurry and get yours now.

    The R2B C0IN

    Brand Spanking New!

    Get in on the Ground Floor BREAKING NOW!

    This is going to make folks m1llions. This is set to explode with the Asian market!

    Only $28 to get started

    This is ICO meets MLM. The coin is increasing in value daily. So hurry and get in
    now !

    Once it hits $188 per c0in the ICO will end and it will be added to the exchanges.
    This is massive profit!

    It does not stop there. The c0in is expected to continue to increase its value to
    $1000 or more.

    Plus you can earn binary and unilevel commissions from inviting others.

    NO REFERRING IS NEEDED. You can purchase the c0ins and sell them at the end of
    the ICO for a big profit.

    With Asia-Pacific being released next month,
    Now is the time to join while the price is still low.

    Go to:

    When you sign up make sure tnburns shows in the Sponsor's Username box.

    All Credit/Debit Card payments are instant and Bitcoin Payments take 1 day to

    To YOUR Success,
    Terry Burns"

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    Just look at this UTTER BS!!!! WTF is wrong with these pimping morons - $10 purchase could turn into $15,000 to $22,500.??????

    "[NEW] ICO Pre-Sale at ONLY $0.01 and RECEIVE 50% Bonus Tokens

    Hello All,


    The SkyMinableCoin is new ICO that is having a Pre-Sale before Round 1 begins. You get to purchase tokens for only $0.01 (one penny) each. Plus during the Pre-Sale you receive 50% Bonus tokens on every purchase. The target price will be $10-$15 when added to the exchanges.

    Minimum Purchase is only $10.
    For example, for a $10 purchase you will receive 1000 Tokens plus 500 Bonus Tokens for a Grand Total of 1500 Tokens.

    When these coins hit the exchanges your $10 purchase could turn into $15,000 to $22,500.

    The minimum purchase is $10, but I would suggest that you purchase at least $20 in tokens. You will be placed in a 2x2 Profit Center for each $20 in tokens that you purchase.

    During the ICO Pre-Sale you will receive 2000 tokens for every $20 you purchase. With the 50% bonus you will receive a grand total of 3000 tokens for each $20 purchase.

    Lending, Staking, Mining and Trading will be available.

    Coins will be added to CoinExchange, HitBTC and Cryptopia online exchanges beginning next month.

    Hurry the Pre-Sale Pricing will not last long.
    Take advantage of the 50% Bonus Tokens.

    BTC and ETH is accepted.


    Members that wish to refer others will receive big referral commissions.

    You will receive 10% referral commissions on your referral purchases. In addition you receive 5% referral commissions 9 levels deep. This can result in thousands of dollars in commissions by sharing your link with others.


    Facebook is the best place to market ICO Launches. But Facebook is banning ICO sites from getting posted on Facebook.

    My upline has a solution for our team...

    He has created a Team Marketing Page for members in our team so you can market on Facebook. Each member will have their own marketing page with their referral link embedded in the link. Facebook only sees the marketing page and does not see the ICO site. There is nothing you need to do. My sponsor will be hosting these marketing pages on his dedicated server.

    You receive your marketing page for free as a member of our team.


    To YOUR Success,
    Terry Burns"

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    Here is the latest scam email from this dirtbag (which just happens to be a cut and paste from his scamming sponsor, Tyron Indalsingh, because terry burns is a simple idiotic scammer without a f'ing brain cell in his head)

    "Hello All,

    This is another FF update just to continue to stress how AWESOME Freedom Formula is and to continue to urge those already involved to continue to make the most of this o.pportunity and of course to urge those who have not taken action to get off the fence and so so.

    Freedom Formula , in my opinion, IS the best o.pportuity any of us have been involved with online to date and I stand by that.

    Even as I look around at the current programs, there is NOTHING that compares to this as it's a proven m0ney maker having every single person for the last 14 months so far and is run by a very honest guy who continue to impress.

    So people are f.ree to pursue the Vista Networks or 3T Networks or Trading bots or the latest and greatest ICO's which are all unproven and very speculative but personally I will be focusing on a solid PROVEN M0ney maker for the rest of 2018 and I will be advising everyone else to do the same.

    This week alone, when I crunch the numbers , would have seen FF p.aying out over $300,000 USD ( in the form of Bitcoin ) in interest and commissions to members of our team alone and this is just for one week!!

    Every day I have people emailing me thanking me for introducing them to this o.pportunity so that really makes me feel great knowing that not only can I e.arn from making my own loans as well as for referring others BUT everyone that I share this with also MAKES M0NEY.

    It doesn't get much better than that.


    You should know by now that once you are an Elite member and have been making loans previously that your interest is at 40% of whatever loan(s) you make.

    You can make multiple loans and each loan must not be more than 15k.

    For those of you who have reached the point of doing 15k per week in loans and even some doing multiple 15k loans per week...Well done and enjoy your rewards as you deserve it.

    For those who are yet to reach this stage, then this is something for you to work towards BUT don't over extend yourselves and loan what you can and build your way up.

    Bear in mind that Tich has already openly indicated that there will be a planned closure of Freedom Formula in December 2018 so we have 10 months to make the most of this o.pportunity before it makes way for the new project that he will explain to us in due course that promises to be even better than FF .

    To be better than FF this would have to be something beyond special so I can't wait to learn more.

    Finally, bear in mind that only Elite members of FF would be allowed into this new o.pportunity so you definitely made the right move taking action and becoming Elite members.


    I am truly surprised that you haven't but I did my best to get you to appreciate this o.pportunity and it's potential so you cannot say that I didn't provide you with all the details as well as everything else needed for you to make an informed decision.

    If you haven't joined by now chances are you are not going to as some people simply never take action when it's required ( or some people just might not want to take the risk ) but if by any chance you are finally ready to get involved and make some m0ney for a change with a proven program that p.ays out every single week then simply reach out to me and let me help you...It's as simple as that....Reach out, put yourself out there and take one more risk....enjoy the rewards.

    I know all too well about so many people constantly losing m0ney online so I wouldn't knowingly prompt people into anything that I didn't now feel would make them m0ney.

    While I cannot guarantee you will make m0ney as there are no guarantees and everything online is a risk like I have said a million times before, as far as programs go and trying to make m0ney online, FF is as good as it gets ...PERIOD.

    At present, I have no intentions of joining or promoting anything else owing to the fact that nothing out there compares to FF right now and everything needs to prove themselves so why waste/ endure extra risk by joining such programs while FF is right in front of me/you and has already proven itself over and over.......

    With that said, I'm adding some more material below for everyone.

    Latest webinar held on February 5th, 2018

    Webinar before that held on 17th January, 2018

    My Info page explaining FF again


    To YOUR Success,
    Terry Burns"

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    This guy needs a cell all by himself( and Tyron Indalsingh - his sponsor that he obviously follows religiously)....the f'ing garbage spewing from this conmans's lips is disgusting!


    Hello Teammates

    Please read for information on a totally passive opportunity that will have you Set For Life --

    As you know, I am always on the watch for extraordinary opportunities for you, and this one is remarkable. It‚€™s totally PASSIVE, you do not to have to do anything but join. (But as with all things, you can make more if you want to tell a few friends about it.)

    The Stellar Association is a private network of people dedicated to making serious honest m0ney online. We focus on long-lasting continuing 1ncome from real sources. With several solid deals already in place, the success of The Stellar Association is set, but new 1ncome sources will be continually added. Those who join NOW will share in ALL future profits forever, and so will your favorite charity, please see the site for details.

    The most exciting part of this business is the gaming platform "Yiggiy". You can play games on Yiggiy for F.REE. You probably already know that Gaming is second for generating m0ney on the web. There are over 100 Million unique monthly players of League of Legends alone. Zynga had over 100 Million people play their f.ree poker game. Blackjack brings in over $5 Billion annually in Ontario Canada alone. With the ability to provide gamers with F.REE GAMES, contests, bingo, pool, slots and more, world record prizes, tournaments and trips, you‚€™ll love Yiggiy, where everybody wins!

    Come and play with us now ‚€“‚€“ hot Poker and Blackjack tournament in progress right now. Test your skill at the table. Play for F.REE, but win $3,000 for yourself and $3,000 for your favorite charity.

    The Best News ‚€“- the 4000 Founding members of The Stellar Association will all share in the pr0fits this global business will generate forever going forward. The Bad News is that the Founders Positions are almost all gone. You‚€™ll need to act quickly if you want to grab one or more of the last couple hundred.

    For more information on Yiggiy, and to sign up for F.REE and start playing in our first tournaments, please go here . Click on Register at the top right to get the registration form. (If "The Person Who Referred You" box is empty, please put in "tnburns").

    For more info on The Stellar Association and to register to get your founders position go to

    Click on the Join Today button. (If "The Person Who Referred You" box is empty, please put in "tnburns").

    All you have to do is sign up and take one or more of the last available Founders Positions. Each position is only a one-time $120 USD, instructions for paying are given after you sign up, or contact me if you need assistance.

    I hope you‚€™ll join us ‚€“- you can just play the games and enter the tournaments for F.REE. OR even if you don‚€™t play games yourself, you can still make a LOT of m0ney with this. MORE than enough to Set Yourself Up For Life. The market for gaming is just HUGE, especially in Asia where millions of people spend alot of m0ney on gaming. Founders will profit PASSIVELY from all of that volume. Only $120 USD will lock in a Founders Position for you, your family, your grandchildren, your Church or favorite charity, etc ‚€“-- then Fasten Your Seatbelt! It‚€™s going to be quite a ride!

    To YOUR Success,

    Terry Burns"


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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    Here's the latest scam being pimped by this crook!

    "Very Hot ICO - Round 1 Bonus - Multiple Ways to E.arn

    Hello Teammates


    This one looks good!

    The SkyMinableCoin is new ICO where you can purchase tokens for only 55 cents each during the round one sale. Plus during this round one sale you will receive 25% Bonus tokens on every purchase.
    The target price will be $10-$15 when added to the exchanges.

    I would suggest that you purchase at least $20 in tokens. You will be placed in a 2x2 Profit Center for every $20 in tokens that you purchase.

    This is a F.REE rewards matrix program where you can e.arn an extra $5k.

    Lending, Staking, Mining and Trading will be available.

    Coins will be added to CoinExchange, HitBTC and Cryptopia online exchanges beginning with the end of the round one sale.

    Hurry as Round One Pricing will not last long.
    Take advantage of the 25% Bonus Tokens.

    BTC and ETH is accepted.


    Members that wish to refer others will receive big referral commissions.

    You will receive 15% referral commissions on your referral purchases. In addition you receive 5% referral commissions 9 levels deep. This can result in thousands of dollars in commissions by sharing your link with others.

    And if that is not enough there is a lending platform where you can lend your own TSMC Coin which provides you with an opportunity to earn a daily return from the management of TSMC coin. It is an impressive concept for passive investors and for those who want to enjoy a daily passive income.



    To YOUR Success,
    Terry Burns

    P.S. USA is welcome! They are working rigorously towards completing FCC requirements and the owner has stated that those in the USA will have their coins honored regardless of this approval or not."

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    SCUMBAG SCAMMER ALERT!!!!!!! Here is the latest scam being pimped this guy!

    "Hello Teammates

    Free $250 to First 100K Registered! Early & Huge!!
    Quanta ICO Blazing Hot Crypto Exchange

    Special For Registered Early Birds

    New Crypto Exchange will be BLAZING HOT When It Opens!
    This Will be The Best Lightning Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange!

    Free $250* to First 100K Users +50% on All Tools on Quanta Store!

    *You can use the funds for trading fees when the Quanta Exchange
    is launched.

    Who is Behind?

    Team is Comprised of Professionals Who Worked On Google, eBay,
    Paypal and Investor and have Experience Building Worldwide Class
    Scalable Products for More 20+ Years!

    Q2 2018 Private ICO Will Be Open Soon For First Registered Members!
    Q3 2018 Public Exchange Will Be Open For Everyone!
    Q3 2018 Public Sale Of Quanta Coin!

    Highlights Of Quanta Exchange:

    => Monitor Multiple Coins in One Place!
    => List of Best Perfoming Coins for the Past 24h!
    => Monitor Coins on External Exchanges!
    => Get Alerted when Price reaches Lowest Price Ever!
    => Set up a Buy and Sell Order Simultaneously!
    => Get Alerted when Price Reaches Target!
    => Get Alerted for Unusual Volume Changes!
    => Get Alerted when Price Reaches Target!
    => Get Alerted when Price Reaches Highest Price Ever!
    => Interact with Other Users in Real Time!

    0% CHARGE PER TRADE (UNTIL Q3 2018)!

    $50 bonus for each referral*.

    *As stated at the website, the referral bonus is limited to a
    maximum of 10 users.

    To join....

    1. Click here >>>

    2. Add your email address and click on "GET EARLY ACCESS"

    3. You should receive a message with the subject "QUANTA -
    Please verify your email address" which contains the link you
    must use to confirm your email address.

    4. Login and you will see your referral link in the middle of
    the page and social media links at the bottom of the page.

    To Your Success,
    Terry Burns"

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