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Thread: Terry Burns - Major scammer

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Burns
    Get in now before more than 500,000 active partners projected to join by the end of the year !
    Think of a number, triple it, add the total number of ponzi participants who were members of MMG and you STILL wouldn't be able to come up with 500,000 victims, even at $5 a pop, Terry.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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    Re: Terry Burns - Major scammer

    People like this f'ing crook need to be behind bars. Look at the crap this ahole spews!

    "[GET PA1D] A Gratitude Seed of $2.50 Turns Into $140K Fast!

    Hello Teammates

    Great little story and I bet you Have heard it before, right?

    Most believe you must See it to Believe it. Emphatic NO.

    The Secret to mass abundance in any area of your life is,..

    You must first Believe it and, you will see it. There is nothing
    more profound.

    Put it through any test, anywhere. It never fails. Ever.

    Herein, lies Give And Get Pa1d.

    And, how hard is it to find out?

    Try a $2.50 gratitude and faith seed. That's it. Really. Now, anyone can experience abundance beyond imagination (well, typical imagination because we show you how to multiply tenfold, one hundredfold, yep, 1000x).

    A similar program produced membership in excess of 300k and people all over the place, receiving $10k, $50k, even $100k+).

    Why is that you say?

    It's about "giving" first Then, you receive. Heard that somewhere before maybe?

    We have upgraded this concept, automated the process, and are generating loads and loads of people who are "Getting Pa1d".

    They gave a little and got pa1d a lot.

    And you, were the first person I thought of in terms of bringing some abundance to.

    All payments are pa1d as you go to your crypto wallet of choice, the moment a payment is made. Payments come directly from one member to another via our admin free automated platform.

    You can get started for as little as $2.50 however I suggest the following strategy.

    EXTRAORDINARY FAST TRACK STRATEGY: Deposit enough funds initially ($40), and upgrade to all 4 tiers of Stage I . This will put you in a position to not miss out on payments and, to receive faster, bigger pay0uts.

    Have troubles referring? Receive spillover and/or PIF 4 people which would only c0st you $10.

    Go to

    To YOUR abundant success,
    Terry Burns "

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