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Thread: Has anyone heard of Geno Brunton of Newport Beach, CA??

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    Has anyone heard of Geno Brunton of Newport Beach, CA??

    I heard this guy is really shady. I heard from a few friends multiple things about him. He's a dangerous man with bad intentions. He's stolen money from people and lied about his abilities. His base of operations is Newport Beach, CA. (USA). He speaks with an english-like accent and comes off very classy but he's really anything but. Many of his clients have complained about him and filed complaints against him. I heard there's a possible investigation. Friends tell me that he likes to talk big and acts as if. But that he's really a scammer who's run off with millions of dollars from his hard working clients. There's evidence of some dangerous activities and he's thus far been able to elude the law, there's also a link to some website that cites his behavior with women: View Psycho Geno Brunton in last known, Frisco, Vegas,, CA - Psycho Dating Stories - Dating Psychos dot com.

    His wife was also on a youtube video not long ago exposing him to beating her up with his fists and her complaining to the Newport Beach police department.
    The worst thing ever.

    If you've been a victim of Geno Brunton's fraud and scam, post here. We need to start a list of victims to expose him of his activities.

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    Re: Has anyone heard of Geno Brunton of Newport Beach, CA??

    Thanks for the heads up. My friend was actually approach my this character offering them big money to do business . Always sounds too good to be true. He is still around the Newport area.

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    Re: Has anyone heard of Geno Brunton of Newport Beach, CA??

    I have worked for Mr. Brunton years ago. I met his wife, children, friends, and many others who he had business with.
    In the beginning, things were great. He paid me in time for my work but then things got shady. Lots of calls for past due payments, calls from people asking to speak to him about business things in which he would never call them.
    I don't know more than what I have experienced. He is a very shady man and I would not recommend working with him in anyway. I had to take him to court for my last pay and even then he was falsifying documents to get out of paying me.
    Be aware!


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