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Thread: Wazzub has a charity fund, how cute!

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    Wazzub has a charity fund, how cute!

    Remember Wazzub, the "profit sharing phenomenon" that supposedly will share its advertising profits with all its "charter members"?

    They have a charity. WAZZUB - The Power of "We"!

    I haven't seen them share any profit from that song they previously released though.

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    Re: Wazzub has a charity fund, how cute!


    My Anti-Malware prog is blocking access to the Wazzub site and flagging it as a "Potentially malicious website"

    Says it all, really.
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    Re: Wazzub has a charity fund, how cute!

    Must be WOT. Folks on WOT blocked all Wazzub sites long time ago.

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    Re: Wazzub has a charity fund, how cute!

    Every single dollar counts when it comes to helping others. As an accredited non-profit organization, the WAZZUB Charity Funds is taking care that you receive donations from all over the world.

    You will automatically profit from all our global activities like selling CDs, T-Shirts and other WAZZUB Merchandise. For example, you will profit from the downloads of our official WAZZUB Song “The Power of We”, available on iTunes. 50% of the download-profits are going directly to the WAZZUB Charity Funds and we share it among the accredited non-profit organizations.

    And it is getting even better...

    We will set up a special signup page for your organization. For every member who joins the WAZZUB Family through your signup page FOR FREE we will donate some of our profits to your charity – not only one time, but month after month.
    WAZZUB Charity Funds
    7251 W Lake Mead Blvd. Suite 300
    Las Vegas, NV 89128

    Registered under the Laws of Nevada
    as a Non-Profit Organization
    under Section 501(c)(3)
    of the Internal Revenue Code
    Registration ID NV20121131110

    Interesting, wonder if the IRS has this under their radar??


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