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Thread: Door to door scammers?

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    Door to door scammers?

    Got a legitimate police alert email today:

    Advisory: Possible Bank Fraud - Attempted Identity Theft

    Hi Whip,

    On Wednesday 1/9/13 patrol responded to a residence on GuineaHollow Road for a possible fraud. On the residents return home they found an envelope hanging from their front door. The envelope stated "Important Information Enclosed" Inside the envelope was a note purporting to be from Bank of America. The letter instructed the recipient to call an 800 phone number. When calling the number the automated message requests the caller to provide personal information; such as Social Security #, zip code, bank account number.

    The officer contacted Bank of America corporate security and confirmed that this is fraud, and is an attempt at identity theft.

    Banking institutions DO NOT request personal information over the phone that they already have on file.

    If you receive a similar letter DO NOT call the number provided, instead call the police to report the incident.
    Got to be someone that knows the family as the road mentioned is kind of remote.

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    Re: Door to door scammers?

    I am a little bit of
    Still, Thanks for the news!


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