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Thread: McKnight and Legisi Holdings, LLC....

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    Re: McKnight and Legisi Holdings, LLC....

    Quote Originally Posted by morpheus824 View Post
    A blast from the past...

    There was a news report in Detroit tonight about one of the lawyers that represented Legisi members, and it reminded me of this thread.

    Anyway, I started Googling a name or two and up popped this from a LinkedIn profile of one of the main boosters and antagonists of Legisi.

    "While starting SWE work in 2008, I simultaneously began my moonlighting as a data scientist working to make sense of over a half million records of financial data from wildly disparate sources as part of a fraud suit which eventually settled in 2013."

    Note the timing of the "project" regarding a "fraud suit" that he worked on, of which he had a "half million records of financial data from wildly disparate sources."

    I wonder where those half a million records came from...
    Your assignment Mr. morpheus824, should you agree to accept it, is to find out "where." This message will not self-destruct in 5 seconds, unless an admin deletes it. Good luck with your assignment.
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    Re: McKnight and Legisi Holdings, LLC....

    Where they are from? I'm guessing Panama, late 2007.

    Would someone that was questioned by the SEC about Legisi be required to disclose the existence of large amounts of data regarding the program?

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