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Thread: Congratulations.

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    I hadn't visited here in a while. I'm glad to see how it is progressing. New posters, new subjects, good info.

    It isn't easy to start a new board. People are busy. Many people - me, for example - who would otherwise contribute find their time pretty well committed. It takes dedication, not only from the management, but from regular posters, to make this happen. Congratulations.

    So may scams, so little time. It is, happily, a target-rich environment.

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    Re: Congratulations.

    Dear Wes,

    We are so honored you have joined us here. Quatloos is my inspiration. I link threads from there all the time so our readers get the benefit of the expertise of the many incredible volunteers there. I am thrilled to see our sites dominating the search engines for many of the scams we are exposing. It is a great joy to be able to mentor the potentential victims' money right back into their own accounts and know we have given them access to the facts that can help them make informed decisions!


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    Re: Congratulations.

    Hey Wes!!!! So nice of you to drop in and post! How have you been?? I drop over to Quatloos from time to time and many times especially to read your take on different programs and scams, since your knowledge and insight is always so spot on, not to mention the legal aspects. Between you and Mr. Pretty, I learn quite a bit, am always entertained and the work, dedication and time that both of you put in is appreciated and admired. Very few quality sites out there and your's is certainly is one of them. We are growing steadily, getting more notice, new members, new categories, turning up in searches and we are carrying on. The dedication and commitment of the owner, our Admin and the Mods here, makes this all possible. I saw the plug that you so kindly gave us on your site and that was terrific!! Thank you very much! I enjoyed your input on the MLM disclosure thread there and also in the Oceanside thread. JD didn't last long over Quatloos did he? One post. lol Cracked me up.

    Again, hope you drop by more often, wishing you much success in all of your endeavors and hope you have a great Sunday and get some much deserved rest and relaxing in.


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