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Thread: Genuine, or more HYIP b/s ???

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    Genuine, or more HYIP b/s ???

    Posted on the Forexhands HYIP website.

    I want to confess that i am the scammer (or was a scammer)

    I am the Admin of and but i destructed this two websites today and want to repent for my all guilties i ever had in scamming way.

    i want to be a better person.i scammed people with my hyip program.its true.but now i want to say goodbye to world of ecommerce forever.
    a world who has made me addicted for 4 and half years.

    Let me tell you my miserable story:

    it was spring of 2004 that a bad friend of mine (parham) found a way to generate money from internet.a scammy way named :paid to click

    he just introduced me this but i did not do this paid to work with ecommerce began in summer 2006.when i really started ecommerce with paid to click.

    that time (summer of 2006) i thought that there is a huge money in internet without care and every one can be wealthy without too much effort!

    i thought that generating money with internet is easy (but it was not real).

    however i started with a scam paid to click program name : a-n-cash and later with the another program named: holiday-mails

    this two program took my time for about 9 months and i never succeeded with them because they were scammy.

    however i was so rude and continued with ecommerce for 4 years after that.

    i even tried : hacking ecommerce websits,paid to sign up,forex,hyip,gold games,....

    but i never earned a penny for trying all them.and i even wasted my time and money also.

    those years i got some mental desease named: schizophrenia.

    this mental desease reffers to people who dream too much and think that dreams is reality.

    one of my dreams was like below (please dont laugh):

    i thought that amy lee (singer of evenescence) has seen a ghost that was looked like me and he sings for that ghost that has seen and i must travel to u.s.a and bring myself to her and show her that ghost is me!

    i even had another foolish dreams:

    i always thought that i am metallica and i am singing on top of stage and crowds are around me.while i was in my lonely room and had my pillow in my hands and there was no crowd to encourage me!


    finally i decided to build a hyip website.(because i had seen a high dollar statics of hyip programs who generated a lot of money)

    i wanted to drive money to myself by building a hyip program.
    so i bought a domain named :

    after 2 days working with this domain name a hacker put this domain under the i had to redirect all the members to my new domain at :

    every thing was fine and the new server was so secure.but there were no investor in my program.

    amazing! 13 days with only 28 members! and only $22 invested in my program.

    that was the time i knew that all the other hyip program's statics are lie and not real.
    all the hyip programs dont make much money but they show a fake statics in left margin of their website leading people know that program has made a huge money but it is all fake.
    all the statics you see in left side of hyip program is not real!
    hyip programs make less than $100 in everydays.all of them are scammers.dont trust them.

    finally i decided to say goodbye to ecommerce world.a world that has addicted a large number of people till now.
    i lost my time.
    i lost my money.
    i lost my love : farnaz (university student who i loved to marry with her)
    i lost my love : sara (university student who i loved to marry with her)
    i lost my music : because i wanted to go to u.s.a and build a rock band by hyip money.
    if someone beggs money from other people makes more money than in ecommerce.
    i am worried for those japanish and chineese and american and indian people who love to make money from internet more than others.and i demand them to change their way from ecommerce and say goodbye to ecommerce and dont dream of impossible wealth and money that cant be earned by internet.

    Goodbye....Goodbye....Goodbye....I LOVE YOU EVERYONE
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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    Re: Genuine, or more HYIP b/s ???

    Good grief. Sounds like a pathetic creature who still needs meds, who tried to pull off several scams and apparently failed with all at them. Cripes.....the stuff you can find on the net. Yet people will happily send their money in to anonymous idiots on the net, that they know nothing about or even their location, let alone their sordid history.
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