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Thread: The Philosophy and Psychology of Intolerance

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    The Philosophy and Psychology of Intolerance

    currently in the news in Belfast is an evangelical preacher who admits he does not trust Muslims because they follow Sharia Law

    North’s Deputy First Minister says alleged ‘anti-Islamic remarks’ by Belfast preacher on 18th May ‘must be full investigated by the PSNI’ Inside Ireland

    First Minister Peter Robinson backs controversial preacher Pastor James McConnell who denounced Islam as 'spawn of the devil' -

    Now much of this type of argument would have been made in the Past by the likes of the Rev. Ian Paisley who was the most popular ( by vote) politician in Ireland. Except Paisley made his remarks about Catholics and the Pope.

    Of course Paisley went into government with Sinn Fein but others in his Free Presbytherian church like Ivan Foster then denounced Paisley from the Pulpit just as he denounced the Belfast-born Christian writer and apologist C.S. Lewis as an 'apostate'

    There is a long history to this
    Cromwell although known internationally as a father of democracy does not have a such a good record in Ireland
    Anti-Catholicism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    [quote ]"Faced with the prospect of an Irish alliance with Charles II, Cromwell carried out a series of massacres to subdue the Irish. Then, once Cromwell had returned to England, the English Commissary, General Henry Ireton adopted a deliberate policy of crop burning and starvation, which was responsible for the majority of an estimated 600,000 deaths out of a total Irish population of 1,400,000."

    The shankill (direct irish translation from sean = old Kill = Church) In Belfast is known today as the heartland of Protestant/Loyalism
    Not so in the 1920s
    18 DEAD IN BELFAST - BURN CATHOLICS OUT - Battles Rage in the Heart of the City, While Flames Devastate Catholic Section. BULLETS SWEEP STREETS Soldiers with Armored Cars Break Up Several Fights-- Cork Mayor Near Death. - Front Page -

    George Seawright a more recent figure who continued in the tradition that Catholic priests should be burned.

    There is a long history I need not go into. the current man in the news Pastor McConnell declares Enoch Powell as a "prophet" for his "Rivers of Blood" speech. Powell was a very brilliant man but his speech clearly outlined immigrants and foreigners as a threat to Britain and Britishness. so much so the conservative party threw him out. However this psychology found a home in Unionist/Loyalist politics in the North of Ireland.

    In fact some of the vehemence expressed by the fictional Landover Baptist
    Allah Is Not God! (Sermon)
    Prepare "Goodbyes" For Your Catholic Friends (Sermon By Brother Harry Hardwick)
    or the actual Westboro Baptist

    The big difference in announcements by such people in the North of Ireland today supported indirectly or indirectly by respected politicians thugs and vigilantes is that Robinsons DUP take about 14,000 votes~ 40% in East Belfast wher the Catholic population is 8% and the nationalist vote about 4%. And Robinsons Party covers six counties of Ulster and has eight MP in Westminster.

    The question is when does someone who does not trust blacks/homosexusls/jews/Irish/gypsies/pick any group
    become a "hater"

    Ironically fundamentalist 9 by the book) Christians and fundamrentalist Islam have a similar psychological profile.
    The defence being made is that Islam looks on Christianity as against God and they have a right to say so.

    and it is true that there were fundamentalist terror cells in the UK and US just as there were IRA groups operating in the UK and Europe killing British soldiers for example.

    The thing is just because a group of ten or twenty extremists ( actually probably less than that) backed up maybe by millions in "donations" from wealthy people or from bank robberies and extortion and maybe hundreds of "sympathisers" are conducting a bombing/shooting/ campaign this in no way means that ALL muslims/Catholics/Ukranians/black people/Pick any group are ALL a threat and can't be trusted.

    A common tactic here is is to scapegoat any group ( usually a minority group of whom the authority groups members are ignorant) and blame all the problems of the world on them. But the target need not be a minority or small . Catholics in the six counties were over 40% but ther were at least a half million of them. Anti -christian and anti-Islamic atheists are a tiny minority but they love to have a go at Christianity and Islam who constitute a majority of the world's population.

    Anyway the question is where do you draw the line?

    when does "I dont believe in this or those that promote this..." become incitement to hatred?

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    Re: The Philosophy and Psychology of Intolerance

    Let me expand on this idea . Right Wing Authoritarianism or RWA was posited by Bob Altemeyer in his free Book the Authoritarians. I encourage you to take the test on page 11-12 before you read further.

    The phrase right wing in right-wing authoritarianism does not necessarily refer to someone's politics, but to psychological preferences and personality. It means that the person tends to follow the established conventions and authorities in society. In theory, the authorities could have either right-wing or left-wing political views.

    Altemeyer demonstrated a similar psychology in fundamentalist religious movements. I believe a similar mindset exists within ponzi proponents and have discussed this with Dr Bob but he is now retired and not interested if pursuing this academically.

    Milton Rokeach's dogmatism scale was an early attempt to measure pure authoritarianism, whether left or right. The scale was carefully designed to measure closed-mindedness without regard to ideology. Nevertheless, researchers found that it correlated with British political conservativism. The Powell and current and historic Irish examples above illustrate that.

    I would propose the thesis that Ponzi and pyramid schemes ( in particular internet based ones) exhibit the characteristics of RWA and invite posters to allow me the opportunity to defend that thesis.


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