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Thread: TGIF? Nope, it's been there all along...

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    TGIF? Nope, it's been there all along...

    Thank God it's Friday? It's bigger than that.
    Take another look at a weekly, monthly calendar;

    After S M T....

    It's W T F...

    It's been there all along too.

    And don't get me started on hump day ether.
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    Re: TGIF? Nope, it's been there all along...

    Except that in some places the letters used for the days of the week are:

    S M T W R F S

    So, not sure what can be spelled with that configuration of the weekdays.

    Still others use a calender that shows the weekdays starting with Monday:

    M T W T F S S

    And the TGIF saying is not-so-great if you have not only worked every single Saturday for the past decade but also are working a double on each and every Saturday and will probably do so for the next decade.


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