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    Thread topics

    I’m liable to get kicked to the curb, run over by the bus, or shunned for this...but that’s okay.
    First, my POV: I happen to believe that a certain so called” business model” is immoral and unethical, and every company is “scammy”.
    That being said, for a forum like this, I personally don’t see any value in titling a thread, “ABC is a scam”, and not presenting any evidence.
    Titling a thread “ABC: opportunity or scam?”, then presenting evidence seems to me more useful, and allows critical evaluation and encourages others to post researched tidbits. Or even “Is ABC a scam?”, and again presenting evidence to support your claim is useful.
    Some things are clearly scams: they are fraudulent schemes that if authorities find them, will be shut down.
    Everyone recognizes that many questionable industries litter the internet with “it’s a scam-no it’s not” pre-emptive blogs to lure folks.
    Have a look-see at some of the blogs/info sites about this “industry” (wink-wink) already linked on this forum—perhaps you’ll see what I mean...perhaps not.
    Perhaps I have a valid point...perhaps not...
    Perhaps I’ve already started a dumb thread before this... :o
    Okay, I’m done...please be gentle...

    Respectfully submitted,
    Emet (the mild and meek)

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    Re: Thread topics

    Man the Pitchforks, Heat the Tar and Collect the Feathers!!!

    Actually Emet, I agree completely. A simple accusation, without any supporting argument is little more than a gratuitous assertion and even if it happens to be correct, is neither informative nor compelling. We need content here but at the moment we sorta lack the people on the other side to really make an argument. And if I happened to be a member or promoter of a program or product and found a thread about it here which started with a simple, unfounded allegation and was followed by a string of equally unsubstantiated agreements, why would I bother to reply?

    If I were considering joining a program or buying a product and actually did a little research about it first, I'd be looking for facts, not unsupported opinions. Some sites have nothing but good things, some sites have nothing but bad things to say. I'd be looking for sites which raised issues I could verify, stated facts I could prove or disprove.

    The fact is we have a cast of debunkers, which is cool cause it makes me feel like I'm in the right place but we have to give the people who disagree with us something to argue. Give them the facts they don't want to face and let their "inner Len Clements" get the better of them. But "your company sucks" posts don't get that job done. Post the facts that the promoters don't want their potential members to see, and we win, simple as that. The potential members ask what we mean by that and the promoters jump in to challenge our conclusions.

    If folks want to tie Emet to something and start looking for matches, bring more kindling and make that fire big enough for the two of us.

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    Re: Thread topics

    Make it 3. With all due respect to the masses, I think the regulars from scam need to remember that this is a new board and not everyone that finds us will recognise you and the fact that you may have already posted huge amounts of info on As Glim says, a simple accusation without any supporting argument screams disgruntled consumer, but one that may or may not have a case and is not of enough interest to keep someone here.

    Content, people, content! Google is our friend! Give us a bone to chew! Anyone disagree?
    Don't take life too serious. You'll never escape it alive anyway.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard


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