Although I believe in God, he is not the fluffy, bunny sort of God that so many so-called Christians say that they relieve in. My God would look at the antics of those who proclaim their faith in Him in every hypocritical statement and sales effort that they make and probably not bother to do anything about it.

If you believe that it is possible to have a conversation with God, here are a couple of posts in one of my blogs. Don't bother reading them if you do not think itt is possible to have a conversation with God, you will just think I am mad.Whether it was God providing the responses or not is really quite immaterial. There is nothing that says that He cannot guide me in the responses.

There are some people about who seem to think that putting a religious slant on their hypocritical sales pages will get them more customers. Unfortunately, there seems to be so many rabidly religious credit card holders out there that they are making a fortune off their victims.

It always puzzles me how they square the worship of God with their subservience to Mammon. So many members of too many sites and forums will not see the contradiction in the actions of these opportunistic heathens. Maybe they won’t like my God but at least I have one.