There's this character over on that posts under the user name NNHeadlines. He mostly spams the Chat section, if you look there. Post after post with very few, if any, replies to his inane remarks.

Who is this individual anyhow?

His profile lists his home page as:

Odd, but if you follow that link you learn: This account is suspended!

Wonder why?

There's a whole bunch of videos on that page with titles such as:

Fart On Fire
My dogs reaction to a fart
Cory And His Fire Fart
Fart in Public (Farting in Library)
Fart Fire Explosion

So one wonders what NNHeadlines added to have his account suspended?

Well, here's another clue as to who NNHeadlines really is:

Lenny, if you're reading this, what about the rule on about having multiple accounts?

Don't you think George deserves a time out to consider the error of his ways?

Step up to the plate, man, and do your job!