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    Has anyone heard of My Income Revolution?

    Many thanks,


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    Re: ambling

    Here you go:
    Never retreat! Never surrender! Not when you’re so darn close to the cash!

    Proof proudly displayed below :-)
    Dear Quick Cash Seeker,
    They say shortcuts are for lazy people.
    If so… call me lazy!
    I’ve already taken the loooong route to the cash online…
    …and it sucked HUGE HAIRY BALLS!
    It left me virtually DEAD-BROKE…
    My confidence SHATTERED…
    My mind SCRAMBLED by fear…
    My nerves FRIED with frustration and anger…
    So, you bet…
    HELL YEAH, I’m gonna be a lazy S.O.B…

    And if you’re DONE waiting for success…
    If you’ve HAD IT with hangin’ around marketing forums with NO INCOME to show for it…
    And you’re ready for a proven shortcut right to the cash.
    That’s exactly what I’ve got for ya’.
    Sure you are!
    Who wouldn’t be.
    I still sometimes rub my eyes to believe it’s real when I login to PayPal…
    I didn’t know this was even remotely POSSIBLE…
    Sure… I’d allowed myself to dream a little… to imagine a life where I could buy whatever I wanted… whenever I wanted…
    But I never thought I’d ever be the proud owner of a $12,374.61 - PER MONTH personal online Piggy Bank…
    Or that a TECH-KNOW-NOTHING like me could ever have that CASH coming in on almost total autopilot…

    Knowing this income is mine EVEN IF THE ECONOMY STINKS takes a massive weight off my shoulders.
    And it lets me jet-off on my geeky snowboarding adventures (more on that in a minute!) with TOTAL PEACE-OF-MIND.
    Hi, Ivan Rendulic here, and I’d be thinking what you’re thinking ‘bout now…
    This dude’s obviously doin’ GREAT…
    But can he really help ME do GREAT too?

    I just saw you opted into my list, and saw my letter
    (the one here)

    On that page where you left your email - I told you I'd
    show you how did former online looser (that wold be me)
    discover how to make up to six-figures per year while
    traveling the world

    Now be honest with me here...

    When hearing those words, did you wonder if it was just
    a bunch of BS?

    It's OK if you did. I understand if you're skeptical...I'm
    skeptical of a lot of things I see online too.

    But just so you know- it really is possible- and not only
    will I prove it to you... I'll be showing you how.

    I am a real person- I live in Zagreb, Croatia, and I'm 24
    years old.

    You can add me on on Facebook if you like - just join my
    private group here
    with all my other students.

    Over the next few days, I'll be sending you some really
    useful info. And I'll try to keep things entertaining too.

    Whether you are brand spankin' new at this internet
    marketing thing... or, you're a seasoned marketing pro...
    you're gonna get a lot of useful knowledge from me.

    If you didn't get a chance to read my letter in full, and
    would like to know the quickest way to get started in
    your own online business, then you need to go see this

    As you're reading, you'll hear my story - (in short) and
    how I went from struggling online to building
    six-figure business online in short period of time. (while studying)

    Nowadays, I don't have a job, nor do I plan on ever
    having one.

    Anyway, keep an eye out for an email from me tomorrow.
    I'll be sharing some cool stuff with ya.

    Talk soon,

    P.S. If you have any questions... the best way to reach me
    is on Facebook. Just send me a message after I accept
    your friend request...

    If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:
    Insisto Marketing Don Boskova 29 Zagreb, Grad Zagreb 1090 Croatia 00385989161430
    I can't even figure out what the dang product is. And, who would want to be a student of some 24 year old with no verified credentials? A company that may not exist that is said to be based in Croatia? "It sucked HUGE HAIRY BALLS!," he says. That would describe this deal perfectly.

    It is an obvious scam and the vast majority will lose their money and one would have zero recourse. Hang on to your pocketbook and run fast and hard!!!


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