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PUBLIC WARNING: RLDSCI, LLC, RLDS, LLC, Robert L. Darnall Companies, LLC, RLD, LLC, Transportation Consultants, Inc.:

Robert L. Darnall Sr. Scams Continue - RLDS, LLC Bogus $20 fraudulent Loan Meetings:

To all those victims who has and still attend Mr. Robert L. Darnall Sr's so called deceptive $20 dollar unsecured loan meetings: This man is a real deciever! I have dated a self sufficent man that attends his fraudulent meetings and His promisses of course (Mr. Darnall )up to no good his associates which he had listed as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and othe billionares that have supposevly deposited "Gold Bars." in China's banks for investment reasons. Darnall does to my fiance . repeativley mention the reason for these "meetings" . Mr. Darnall has made promisses to my fiance along with those that attend his "$20 dollar manatory fee meetings" you will indeed get a billion dollar limit credit card with interests deposited from China's Bank which are worth more than 5 millions dollars. In other words "free Money" to be issued to all that pay the fee and stick around for the delivery. The monies are to be transfered from China's Bank to these Billion dollar credit card limited accounts with no payback ,only understood a reward for the time waited. Why would anyone give their hard earned money to this THIIEF Darnall? Mr. Darnall is a very confident and self motivated man that can convince almost anyone that he had been a victim of a scam and in turn lost everything including his home in 2000. A man that can speak of past occurances, his issues and that these are located on the internet for all to read , Mr. Darnall had told my fiance BEFORE he could look him up on the internet that the court orders are not true, and a lie , smooth operator told someone before they could call him on it. Mr. Darnall is a Con and a malipulating individual that needs to STOP USING ones weaknesses to get them to believe all this will take place without any criminal prosecution? This bully needs to be stopped! If you know of anyone that has attended any of his mislead, over convident skeems PLEASE inform them of a man that has no proof of ANY of his accusations, nor evidence of Mr. Gates or Mr. Buffet giving him (Mr. Darnall )permission to use their name! Mr. Darnall has been seen and known for his meetings located at: Dennys Rest. in Downey Ca. at least 2 times a week. I am writing this to let others know this scam has been going on that i know of for 5 months strong, His request from his secretary that he was in need of extra funds in order to fulfill his agreement to the members was habitual and frequent. The funds asked by the secratery, were needed in order for Mr. Darnall to reach his destination to retrive this so called Billion Dollar investment " for the "members of his hush hush meeting". Mr Darnall had told my fiance that he was not to leak out the names of the investers and to NOT TELL ANYONE of the silent partnter deposits from Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett ect...I do hope that this will help in the resolving of Mr. Darnalls need for RIPPING OFF others to satisfy his pocketbook. Stay away from this criminal and his manipulations and bullying! Darnall has been consistently involved in fraudulent activities bilking victims out of hundreds of thousands since the early 1990's.

For example, the State of Maryland. consumers warned of easy-money scheme December 10, 1992|By David Conn | David Conn,Staff Writer, Baltimore Herald. A California businessman has been offering Marylanders once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make loads of easymoney. But officials from various states are warning consumers to watch their wallets. The businessman, Robert L. Darnall, of Agoura Hills (now Bakersfield), Calif., has scheduled a third weekly meeting tonight at a hotel in College Park to explain a business venture offered by his company, Platinum Associates Inc. Platinum says it has a deal in which it can offer what amounts to free Visa or MasterCard credit cards, with a free life insurance policy worth $67,000, which the company says is offered through Aegon USA, the Baltimore-based parent of Monumental Corp. Further, those who sign up others for this remarkable deal will receive an average of $1,100 per subscriber in commissions and bonuses, according to Platinum's promotional material. "Don't ask how we can do it," a Platinum brochure says, "just ask how you can participate in what has been called: 'Simply the best money making machine available today -- maybe the best ever!' " But according to an Aegon statement yesterday, "it has absolutely no relationship or arrangement with Platinum Associates Inc. . . ." Likewise, MasterCard International said it has "no information on any MasterCard member that's working with Platinum," and "therefore we find them in violation" of the association's regulations. And Visa U.S.A. spokesman Albert Coscia said that "Platinum Associates is neither a Visa member financial institution nor a registered marketing agent of a Visa member." He said Visa's security and fraud control division and its legal division are investigating Platinum. Maryland officials, including the attorney general's consumer protection division and the consumer credit commissioner's office, said they knew nothing about Platinum or Mr. Darnall. But his ventures have received decidedly negative reviews in several states. Hershel Elkins, an official with the California attorney general's office, said that although no complaints have been filed with his office concerning Platinum, the state was aware of what Mr. Elkins called "a very peculiar money-making scheme." Mr. Elkins' advice to consumers was to "take a very, very long look and check with your department of insurance and insurance agent before you proceed." The Georgia Office of Consumer Affairs last week issued several cease-and-desist orders against Platinum for alleged violations of Georgia law, including running a "multilevel marketing program," better-known as a "pyramid scheme," according to Barry W. Reid, administrator of the Office of Consumer Affairs in Georgia. "Basically we've taken the position that it's just another illegal get-rich-quick scheme," Mr. Reid said, adding that as many as 300 people attended a recent Platinum meeting outside of Atlanta, and many of them paid $55 for the right to obtain a "free" credit card and life insurance policy. At that meeting, a representative of Platinum said Aegon was the insurance company behind the program, Mr. Reid said. And at a similar meeting in Arizona, Platinum officials handed out a list of about 10 insurers, including Aegon, which it said was backing the plan, an Aegon spokeswoman, Rosemary S. Kostmayer, said yesterday. Last year, the Washington state attorney general's office sued Mr. Darnall and a company called Excel Exchange Inc. "We alleged he was operating an illegal chain distribution scheme" that involved an offer of a free house for those who signed up enough subscribers, said Anthony Carter, an investigator with the attorney general's office in Tacoma. Mr. Darnall admitted the violations and agreed to an injunction preventing him from any further violations in Washington. Neither Mr. Darnall nor an assistant in California returned calls to Platinum's office yesterday. A receptionist for Thayer C. Lindauer, whom Platinum's promotional material names as Platinum's legal counsel, said Mr. Lindauer is no longer working for the company. WARNING TO PERFORM STRICT DUE DILIGENCE ON ALL REPORTED CONTACTS AND ALIGNMENTS CLAIMED BY THIS INDIVIDUAL!

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Court Orders Halt to Sale of 'Free' Credit Cards : Finance: Agoura Hills firm is one of several accused of preying on cash-strapped consumers. Other Company Alias': RLDSCI, LLC RLDS, LLC, RLD COmpanies, Transportation Consultants International December 22, 1992 |DENISE GELLENE | LA TIMES STAFF WRITER Visa U.S.A. and Mastercard International said Monday that they have obtained a temporary restraining order stopping an Agoura Hills firm from drawing people into an alleged pyramid scheme offering "free" credit cards. The scheme by Platinum Associates Inc. is said to have taken in as much as $3 million from 30,000 people nationwide. Ads by Google Credit Card Applications Pay No Interest for 18 Months. Get a $100 Cash Back Bonus. Apply. Credit Card Applications | 0% APR Credit Card Offers The order, obtained in U.S. District Court in San Francisco last Friday, effectively shuts down the company's operations nationwide, at least temporarily. The order came one day after a state Superior Court judge halted the firm's operations in California and froze its assets in the state at the request of the California attorney general's office. The alleged scheme is only the latest to snare financially strapped people with the promise of instant credit. "There are a lot of scams out there," said Cindy A. Liebes, an attorney with the Federal Trade Commission in Atlanta, which on Monday settled charges in an alleged "gold card" scam involving an Alabama firm. While these scams are not new, they appear to be proliferating, as operators attempt to exploit consumers suffering from an economic slump that has cost thousands of jobs. The suits filed by the state and Visa and Mastercard against Platinum Associates said the firm recruited participants in the alleged scheme by promising "free" secured credit cards and "free" life insurance for a $24.95 fee. According to the suits, participants were also told that they could become rich by signing up others, receiving $1,100 for each new recruit. The suits maintain that Platinum Associates, also known as P.A.I., is not authorized to market credit cards or insurance. The suits also state that P.A.I. does not have a relationship with any bank or insurance company authorized to market the financial products. Authorities said that no one has yet received a credit card or insurance, though Platinum did not promise either until after Jan. 1. In addition, only a few people have been paid anything for bringing new people into the scheme, authorities said. Visa and Mastercard are seeking to have Platinum Associates barred from using their names in its solicitations. The state is seeking to have the scheme halted permanently and the money returned to consumers. A representative of Platinum could not be reached for comment. A fax sent to its office was unanswered. Its telephone was answered with a recorded message stating that no meetings would be held and no money collected because of the court orders. Authorities identified Platinum's founder as Robert L. Darnall, who recruited participants at seminars at hotels in California and at least three other states. California Deputy Atty. Gen. Albert Sheldon said that Darnall was fined by authorities in Washington state last year in connection with a "house of your dreams" scheme. The FTC case involved National Credit Services of Ozark, Ala., which marketed secured cards and merchandise catalogues to people with bad credit. The FTC said consumers received postcards telling them to call a 900 number to get recorded information about a credit card. When they called, consumers were told to call a second 900 number, running up a tab of nearly $60. The FTC said that while consumers did receive secured cards, the marketing was deceptive because consumers weren't told the cost of the call, nor were they told upfront that they would receive a secured credit card, which requires a deposit.