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Thread: George Harris - internet dating scammer

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    George Harris - internet dating scammer

    George Harris is an online dating scammer. He approaches through dating sites like Plenty of Fish, emails you, calls you, gains your trust. Has money deposited into your account from a "client" and wants it sent via western union to him where he is working in Pretoria South Africa.
    Then has documents sent to you via FedEx and then asks if you can help him sending funds via international transfer.
    This man is a scammer, gets your trust and then takes what he can.
    Do not trust this man he is a internet dating scammer.
    his email address is
    Says is company web site is: [URL redacted by mod as being dangerous attack site] globalconstruction

    Be warned to not trust this man.
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    Re: George Harris - internet dating scammer

    Please note: The web address given by George Harris is a known attack site and should NOT be visited

    19/02/2013 7:29:30 AM HTTP filter file globalconstruction HTML/Iframe.B.Gen virus connection terminated - quarantined. Threat was detected upon access to web by the application: C:\Internet\Firefox 4\firefox.exe.
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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