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    My name is Tina thank you for having me here

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    Re: Hello

    Quote Originally Posted by tinab View Post
    My name is Tina thank you for having me here
    Welcome Tina, I read your blog entry:

    Jmb marketing
    , Yesterday at 06:36 PM

    WFH company, offers inbound callers inquiring about a $100 Wal-Mart card they received an outbound call about. They then go through short offers to customer, do not have to take any offers. The way to get the $100 rebate card, now not a gift card, is to check out their new on-line channel. sidetick tv. The caller must give cc# on unsecured line to receive the now $100 on-line voucher. (none of this is explained to caller at any time) The bank JMB uses will deny cc's that have $1000's on it. Only ...

    Tags: beware of these scammers!

    Very interesting, it looks like this company may be preying not only on consumers, but job seekers as well. (Assuming this is the same company).

    US J.M.B. Group Inc. Jennifer Sheffield Possibly a scam. MoneyGram/Western Union scheme Yonkers, New York
    *Consumer Comment: Trust your skepticism.

    Hi, I received an e-mail from this company called "J.M.B. Group Inc." as a job opening for a Financial Support Agent. They lady who e-mailed me goes by Jennifer Sheffield. I was already skeptical about this so decided I would try to do some research. However, when I search for information, I can't find any on this specific business. What really caught my attention is the "$2,300 Base Salary starting off and $3,000 after the 30 day Probationary period". I decided I would respond back to the e-mail asking questions and I was given some links to finish my application at On step 3, of the application I notice how it talks about wiring money through MoneyGram/Western Union in the Term of Agreement and Compensation which is normally a red flag for Scams. I'm a college student so of course money of that amount is going to catch anyone's eye my age. What I'm trying to figure out if it states in the Agreement that they will pay me a Salary, will I be obligated to that money? Has anyone ever heard of this company or ran across this type of situation and what exactly should I do?

    Ripoff Report | US J.M.B. Group Inc. Complaint Review Yonkers, New York: 1023351

    All this to say it may be worth starting a thread on this, or building on your blog as on the surface this looks like an all around mess.

    Welcome Aboard.
    "It's virtually impossible to violate rules ... but it's impossible for a violation to go undetected, certainly not for a considerable period of time." Bernie Madoff


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