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Thread: if some one can help

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    if some one can help

    yes i gave it a try a few yrs back i put a lot of time into trying to make money on the internet.but i didn't all i got was a lot of email accounts an all i got back was a shit pill of junk mail.i know you can make money on the internet its just finding it.if anyone know where you can make money could you help me out an give me some of the money you are making hehehe lol.send me some legit sites to check out would really be if in anyway i can help someone out the with some info would be glad to help...thank ppl have a good day

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    Re: if some one can help

    We do not recommend or endorse opportunities. You are welcome to read, post and decide for yourself. Welcome to the site.

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    Re: if some one can help

    Any thing that have you paying for ANYTHING in hopes of income is probably a scam. :)

    Even if you didn't pay for anything there are many ways to scam you, such as "forced upsell", "sucker list", identity theft, and so on.
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    Re: if some one can help

    I am assuming English as a second language, if not good luck. Investing in a formal/business writing class at a local college would be a very wise investment if you are looking to enhance your income. Short of that I would find a technical skill that can not be easily duplicated or outsourced.
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