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Thread: I'm Roy

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    I'm Roy

    Hey I'm Roy, I came on this website because I recently got threatened by scammer, he threatened to close my PayPal account and bank account and that I would go to jail, he sent money to my PayPal account without my knowledge and told me I was to keep a very small sum and send the rest to someone else, that didn't happen and a day ago the scammer and his partner started threatening me, should I be worried. I've also fallen for a scam in which people overdrafted my bank accounts and now I owe the bank, I tried explaining to the bank but since I unknowingly gave my info out the bank expects me to pay them back, any advice and help would be nice and greatly appreciated

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    Re: I'm Roy

    Welcome to RS Roy.

    Sorry you've fallen for these scams.

    The scammer can't close your PayPal or bank account unless you've given them access to them or they've hacked them. If they sent money to your PP account, you may be able to cancel/reverse the transaction as advised in the Overpayment Scam section of this article You might want to also contact PayPal support and inform them of the situation.

    Not quite sure how you would "unknowingly" give out your banking information, but if you gave out that info, you're probably stuck with the consequences. Although it may not do much good, you could contact local authorities for some advice and keep trying to work with the bank. Hopefully you didn't lose too much.

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    Re: I'm Roy

    Hiya, Roy, and welcome to

    Firstly, please be aware I am not a lawyer, so what I say should not be considered legal advice.

    My guess would be you responded to an internet ad offering a "job opportunity" which required you to deposit a cheque / Western Union / Moneygram in your bank account and forward some or all of the amount to your "employers" after retaining an amount as payment.

    The cheque was either fake or "bounced" and the bank is now demanding you make good the amount as your account is now overdrawn

    Is that what happened ???
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    Re: I'm Roy

    Quote Originally Posted by HoshikageRoy_Chandler View Post
    should I be worried.

    Perhaps we could start with how this keeps happening?

    Quote Originally Posted by HoshikageRoy_Chandler View Post
    he sent money to my PayPal account without my knowledge
    Quote Originally Posted by HoshikageRoy_Chandler View Post
    since I unknowingly gave my info out the bank
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