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Thread: Allah contacted Media person by email!!

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    Allah contacted Media person by email!!

    This email I just got seems legit, right? Love working on TV sometimes.
    "Dear US Media:

    Help! I am Allah, God of The Religions, and seeking your input for a church or mosque to help with The Resurrection, a special religious event. I am also seeking media relations for this Millenium's events as it pertains to religious matters. If you know of a church or mosque, or can help anything at all, please email or call 1-707-;

    In addition to a church/mosque or place of worship to receive Me, and media relations for the event, I am also looking for new I.T. partners for web sites, to explain progress of The Resurrection, My Arrival, and other events.

    Please advise Me as soon as possible.

    Emergency Message,

    God Allah

    Author, Holy Qur'an"

    This was posted on Facebook by a favorite "weatherman" of mine.

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    Re: Allah contacted Media person by email!!

    That explains it "scratchy." That must be how Michael Clayton received his Letters from Christ.


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