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Thread: Nice purse

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    Nice purse

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

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    Re: Nice purse

    Quote Originally Posted by littleroundman View Post
    HAH! My favourite kind!

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    Re: Nice purse

    Would not want him that close though!!

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    Re: Nice purse

    LOL, reminds of the girl (coulda been a blonde?) that went into a shoe store to get a pair of alligator shoes. When the clerk told her the price she freaked and said she'd go out and get an alligator and get her own shoes. Later when the clerk locked up and left, as he is driving by the swamp, he sees her out in the muck with a shotgun. On the bank are two dead alligators. He is amazed as he watches a large alligator swimming toward her. She calmly raises the shotgun and shoots the alligator. Grabbing it by th tail, she wades ashore and pulls it up on the bank. She rolls it ove on its back and then exclaims......"DAMN, this one is barefoot too...!"
    It seems like in this "industry" common sense is not all that common!


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