"In November 2012, the FTC charged Smart Tools LLC and Kirstin Hegg with deceptively selling a home-based business opportunity that promised buyers they could earn up to $38,943 per year as “Government Insurance Refund Processors” – by finding persons eligible for refunds of their mortgage loan insurance premiums and charging a fee for telling them how to get the refunds."
"Under the settlement order, the defendants, including newly added defendant, Curtis Dawn, are barred from failing to provide the disclosure form required under the business opportunity rule at least seven days before a contract is signed or a payment is made when selling business and work-at-home opportunities. The form includes information such as the seller’s name, address, phone number, and the salesperson’s name."
FTC: "OK, guys...you can go on selling...but remember NO deception this time. I'm warning you!!!"

FTC Settlement Bars Marketers from Using Deception to Sell Business Opportunities