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Thread: Reminder: Free Speech Is Dead. Here's How Lies Made It So

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    Reminder: Free Speech Is Dead. Here's How Lies Made It So

    Very clear explanation of why were all screwed and the lies that got us to this point.

    "Before someone tells you otherwise, Internet service providers’ backs were not against the wall in any way. “Bandwidth congestion” is not real. It costs just as much money, if not more money, to cap the data flowing through your broadband connection as it does to serve it to you. Data caps are solely a money-making construct."
    A Federal Appeals Court Killed Free Speech on the Internet Today. The Internet Will Now Be Enforced by a Handful of Companies. - Esquire

    Cable Industry Finally Admits That Data Caps Have Nothing To Do With Congestion

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    Re: Reminder: Free Speech Is Dead. Here's How Lies Made It So

    Seems eerily similar to what happened with family owned radio stations being snapped up by a few corporations in the 90s.
    "It's virtually impossible to violate rules ... but it's impossible for a violation to go undetected, certainly not for a considerable period of time." Bernie Madoff

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