Todd Vance is an army vet, who was about to get out... then 9/11 happened, so he re-enlisted. And went back for several tours (250 combat missions). He came back physically whole, but mentally shattered, suffering heavily from PTSD. He had always dreamed of fighting MMA. He is already trained in Muay Thai (started at 14), so he got back into physical training, as well as taking out a bit of his aggression in the ring, prevented him from getting into worse trouble, unlike those veteran suffering PTSD even worse. Many turned to drugs, alcohol, or just out to cause general mayhem, as they can't get back into civilian life. Vance found "Undisputed" gym and started training there to transition himself to MMA, hoping to make it pro, but soon realized that his training is keeping him out of trouble, and when he spotted fellow veteran (an ex- Navy SEAL) needed help, he also started training other people.

Soon word spread, that this gym has this veteran who's out to teach veterans to deal with PTSD through physical training, conditioning, and so on, and membership started to grow, and a formal organization was founded. And Vance even adapted his lessons to veterans missing a limb or two. They need it just as much, if not more.

Psychiatrists are not convinced that this method will work any better than the traditional medication and therapy, but they concede that having a different choice, is important for the veterans.

Todd Vance is an unsung hero, and deserves a salute. He recently got a profile article in Maxim magazine.

Pugilistic Offensive Warrior by Todd Vance