More gifting nonsense.

This was posted by Divorne Swanson out of Ohio, on Craigslist:
Let's just cut to the chase. You here because you want or need money. Were here because we have real money opportunity.

And we work off word of mouth. Now if you don't no how powerful that is by now this is probably not for you.

OK now let's talk money. 5,000 around monthly base's is the max residual that blessing families can offer. With a 20 dollar per app sign up. 5 dollar residual for each person you help in sign up to the blessing family community. Now let's do the math 51,000=5,000 residual. Each person you sign up pays weekly. Now let's say you suck at sale's.

( Here's the bubble buster your not selling anything. ) Your telling people about a gifting program. So even if
You suck at that and can only notify
1 person a day that's a 140$ a week
560 a month. 6,720 a year. Let's not forget about the residuals 1,800 a month 21,600 a year for the rest of your life. Because you told 1 person a day.

Now what if I told you that 5,000 a month was chump change. And you could easily double that by working with blessing family community and make 12,000 on a monthly basis. Now hold on sounds to good to be true wrong. We have personal already retired only working less than 2 years. And we need new recruit's.
And we open up the gifting program in other states to share the wealth. And we have growth opportunities for those who show exceptional skills. So call blessing family amen @ 6317314429 in leave a message if we cannot get to you .or you email your contacts information @

Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers
OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities

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ANd from the e-flyer Divorne sent to an investigative imp: we would like to welcome you to the blessing family community.I would like to first start off by saying that this is not a buisness! this is a community where people are helping people. this is not a get rich scheme neither.we are a legitimate community with people a community of people who are willing to help each other. in return each of us recieve help back.we are a family. we dont have a website. we only work by word of mouth so that everybody gets either heard about us through a family member , a friend or field rep. this is a private community ..the first thing you should know is there are 5 differnet boards that pays out times 7...$50,$100,$250,$500,and$1,000. everyone must start out at the $50 level and once you recieve your payout from that level which will be $350 you can reinvest back in at $100 towards the next board. and if do that you will then recieve a return of $700. then if you decide to reinvest $250 into the next board you will recieve $1,750 in return. then if you decide to reinvest $500 onto the next board you will recieve a return $3,500. last but not least if u choose to rienvest 1,000 you will then recieve a return of $7,000 then you may stay at the $7,000 board if u like or can reinvest anothe $1,000 and keep recieving $7,000 over and over again! as long as u keep reinvesting in that board. the only monies that will be invested is $50 out of your own pocket. the rest of your investments will come by way of your payouts if you choose to do so.we tell everyone that it can take 30-60 days before you recieve your return.usually it dont take that long it just depends on you as far as how quickly you would like to get your payout, so the faster you find your one person to join the speeding payouts are for everyone. when you help your 1 person join make sure you provide them the company #0000 to that person u they may make their deposit.

there is a money back guarentee!!! on day 35 only you have the option of recieving your money back no questions asked! we truely hope that you are excited and have recieved the information needed to come abroad and join our community.

feel free to contact the office @631-731-4421 or email at with any additional questions you may have..we are sure we will be welcoming you abroad soon.

PAYMENT OPTIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS : money order endorsed to chamella sibert , western union(chamella sibert), chasebank accnt #044000037 routing #656376188 it will directly deposit the investment into the directer of accounts or you can go in to chase bank with the money order endorsed to the account directer chamella sibert with the routing and account numbers.


Known admins/scammers/members:

Divorne Swanson (appears to be in Dayton, Ohio)

Chamella Sivert (appears to be in East Hampton, New York)

Neither of them appear to understand that what they are doing isn't a blessing, but rather a crime and a sin.