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Pimp email subject..."Excellent Peer To Peer Direct Funding Platform"....

May 15, 2016

Greetings Everyone,

CrowdRising is the next generation of Person to Person Direct Funding
and it is very affordable with the Level 1 donation being only $20. I made
my first donation yesterday evening at about 7 PM and I received my
first donation this afternoon at about 11 AM. I wanted to see how quickly
I received funds before promoting the program.

No fees of any kind. The founders of the CrowdRising platform offer the system
100% free of charge.

Message from my upline member Alice Medbury....


Hi Ken:

Welcome to Crowd Rising, and thank you for joining! You are on my level 3, and I
just wanted to introduce myself.

You should see a timer in your back office concerning the time remaining for you to
upgrade or you will be deleted from the system, so I urge you to pay the 1x $20 to
activate your level 1 membership as soon as possible. You have 48 hours to upgrade.
If you get deleted, you can get reinstated by clicking on the "Contact" button on the
main website and send a support ticket with your original username, and they will
reinstate you.

You should follow the payment instructions in your back office, and please remember
to complete step 2 where you insert your transaction ID. Once you have completed
your payment, your sponsor will approve it.

We also have a Facebook group, which you can join through your back office (the
name of the group is "Crowd Rising" if you look for it on Facebook). They have
all the updates there, and you can ask questions too. They also have regular webinars
which you can attend.

I am so happy you joined. This is going to be a great moneymaker for all of us! Oh
yes, after you make your payment and it is approved, you can then go to the "Promotion"
section of your back office to get your own URL, and you can start promoting! The URL
does not show up there until after your payment has been approved. You should use the
You Tube video too to promote, and I can send you that link if you need it. You can also
use the "Invite New Member" button at the top of the "Referrals" page--just type in the
first and last names (please note that you need both the first and last name for it to work)
and email addresses of your contacts--it is very effective in getting people to sign up!

IMPORTANT: By the way, after you have upgraded and your payment is approved, my
sponsor, Susan Saunders, will add your URL to our team rotator to help you get referrals,
so I hope you upgrade soon! You will also receive email updates from her.

Thank you again, and let your sponsor or me know if you have any questions.

Alice Medbury

Join the movement here..... Members Home

Take your time and review all of the details. As you will see on the FAQ page.....

"keep in mind that once you have 5 personally sponsored referrals that your additional
referrals automatically spill down into your direct referrals genealogy."

This means that no matter how many members each person refers to the platform, he
or she will receive donations only from the first 5. This creates automatic spillover
for everyone. The sooner you get started, the sooner your donations will arrive.

When you join the first thing you must do is add your payment processor
account details as follows.....

1. Login here Login

2. Click on "Add accounts to receive payments"

3. Click on "ADD NEW ACCOUNT"

4. Click on "Submit" and repeat the process by adding as many payment
processor options as you wish. This is important as it provides several
options for others to send donation to you. I added details for these
payment processors......


Here is the link to an informative video tutorial.......

I look forward welcoming lots of new members to the CrowdRising