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Thread: They never learn...

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    They never learn...

    After witnessing an argument on Youtube between Derrick Alexander (under his account Bizzwin2010) and accountant Peter Fuller, I dug up my old records on Mr. Alexander - one of the students at Scott Miller's school for crime, "Cash Gifting University" - and decided that since he's still actively trying to rob people by deception, I really ought to re-post the data and update it with more recent information.


    Re: Here we go again -- Cash Gifting University
    Posted by: ProfHenryHiggins
    On: 06-11-2011 02:29 PM

    The idiots continue to roll in.

    Derrick Alexander

    His recent (June 2011) ads talk about "get extremely wealthy" a lot. Consideing that he was spamming the Oprah Paypal chain letter a few months before he joined TPP in 2010, I don't think that Derrick knows the first thing about finance or making money.

    I would consider him a minor nuisance and a victim, except for this:


    You may send your $50.00 hosting fee utilizing any of the following.

    No need to overnight. You can also second day air if you wish.

    USPS FedEx UPS

    The $50.00 hosting fee must be in the form of cash, money order or bank cashiers check. ONLY Postal Money Orders are excepted.

    Make sure to include your ID Number and complete name.

    Important: If paying with Postal Money Order or Bank Cashiers Check make payable to Sheina Sager.

    Please send to:
    S Sager
    48901 Hwy 93 Suite A 196
    Polson, MT 59860

    Gift Options:

    Message From Your Inviter
    A Note From derrick alexander :

    Inviter Info
    Send Your Gift Of $8000.00 To Your Inviter:
    Contact Information:
    Phone: 832-577-4682
    derrick alexander
    4623 pinebrook
    houston,texas 77053

    Gift Options:

    Message From Your Inviter
    A Note From Phil Miranda :

    Inviter Info
    Send Your Gift Of $2000 To Your Inviter:
    Contact Information:
    Phone: 336 776-8078
    Phil Miranda
    4924 Eastwin Drive

    Copyright 2008-2011, All rights reserved.
    ---End Quote---
    His inviter was Felipe "Phil" Miranda, the chief spokesman of both this scam and of ProfusionX.

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    Re: They never learn...

    Some additional contact info and websites used by this blooming idiot:

    (713) 206-0716
    (713) 249-7724

    And his recent resume, in case any Human Resources departments try to look the potential employee up and find out that he believes robbery and tax fraud are "legal" activities.

    General Manager with outstanding written and verbal skills! (Houston, Texas)
    Derrick Alexander
    4623 Pinebrook Lane
    Houston, Texas 77053

    December 15, 2011

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    I am writing this letter to inform you about my interest in the position at your company. I feel that I would be a great match in what you are looking for based on my credentials from prior work experience.

    I have over five years of management experience in sales and customer service environments. As part of my management experience, I have successfully trained and developed team members to target and generate new business in a sales environment. Another essential key that I have to offer is superb customer service skills. The ability to interact and build relationships with customers is very vital in the world of business. Great written and verbal communication skills are other acquired skills that I have to offer. The drive to take risks and new challenges is expected in the world of sales, which I also have experience in as well.

    By illustrating some of my past work experience, I would be a great asset to your company and what you are looking for as a new candidate for employment. I look forward to speaking with you, if the opportunity presents itself. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

    Best Regards,

    Derrick Alexander

    Derrick Alexander
    4623 Pinebrook Lane
    Houston, Texas 77053

    To obtain a position that advances career and skills while
    utilizing education and experience, promoting growth of employer

    Ten years of excellent customer service experience and cash handling.. Over five years of
    experience in sales, marketing, operational, billing, and managerial experience. Three
    years of human resource experience with outstanding verbal and communications skills.
    Two years of experience in quality assurance.

    ITT Technical Institute
    Bachelors of Science
    Information Technology - Computer Systems Technology
    Graduated in 2010
    GPA: 3.2

    ● Microsoft PowerPoint
    ● Microsoft Excel
    ● Microsoft Word
    ● Windows Server 2003
    ● Windows XP
    ● Microsoft Visio
    ● Microsoft Access
    ● Linux Operating System
    ● Network routing of protocols and cabling
    ● Formatting hard drives

    Precash, Call Center Manager (2009-2011) $48,000 annual income
     Responsible for the daily operation and management of the call center through the effective use of resources with responsibility for meeting, and possibly setting, customer service targets as well as planning areas of improvement or development.
     Ensured that calls were answered by staff within agreed time scales and in an appropriate manner.
     Assist with the recording statistics, and performance levels of the call center and preparing reports.
     Handled complex or escalated customer complaints or enquiries
     Assisted in organizing staffing, including shift patterns and the number of staff required to meet demand.
     Coaching, motivating and retaining staff and coordinating bonus, reward and incentive programs.
     Forecasting and analyzing data against budget figures as needed
     Developed, implemented and reviewed core responsibilities and tasks of the call center employees.
     Analyzed performance statistics and made decisions on the basis of these statistics; Random audits of calls and processes to improve quality, minimize errors and track operative performance.
     Recruitment of new employees.

    24 Hour Fitness, Sales & General Manager (2003-2009) $60,000+ annual income
     Devised and implemented activities to meet customers' demands and generated profit.
     Monitored revenue and expenses report on a daily basis.
     Managed budget by planning, forecasting, and monitoring revenue for each department.
     Calculated payroll data and cost of goods.
     Monitored supplies and expenses for each department.
     Greeted members, cultivated member relationships, and encouraged member connectivity by promoting an engaging and welcoming environment.
     Built relationships with local civic groups and governments to encourage community involvement.
     Gain Loss Review and Daily Sales Summary Report.
     Performed daily walk-through inspections to ensure that all areas of the club are clean, neat, organized, and in good repair.
     Recruited, hired, and mentored department heads to promote career growth through training, development, and performance assessment.
     Prepared and facilitated "all club" meetings to review policies and procedures, discuss club promotions, and ensure positive club morale.
     Authorized new hires, promotions, employee status changes, and terminations.


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