Here's the latest to hit the crypto-currency craze called You can make your own digital money right on your own computer.

Yes boys and girls, men and women, you too can now become your crypto-currency mining operation in the comfort of your own home's computer. It is the first service which provides simple two-click crypto-currency mining application available for anyone to use on any computer. This means that ANYONE with a computer can register, download our super-simple smart mining utility and start generating crypto-currency on their computers all within 3 minutes flat. Of course you must have 64-bit encryption, but otherwise you are good to go.

Of course the domain registration is set to private. There is absolutely no information on the website as to who's the management team, only means of contact is an email address, and they said they are a registered Delaware Corporation. This will come as a surprise to the Department of Corporations as they don't have a listing for them under their Computta Networks LLC company name. Not only the Department of Corporations, but also the Secretary of State does not show the name being registered either.

Going to interesting to see how much of a shelf life this gets, but I think this is the first of several more to come. Let's see how long it takes before Ken Russo jumps onboard.