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Thread: Herbalife to pay $15million to settle class action

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    Herbalife to pay $15million to settle class action is today reporting:

    You can view the original article on
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    Re: Herbalife to pay $15million to settle class action

    The way Herbalife is able to continue to run their pyramid scheme is they pay people that sue them with the money that they have taken from their victims. The above court case is a perfect example of this. No mater how much money they continue to pay out, it does not change what they are. They are a scam that takes advantage of hundreds of thousands of distributors worldwide.
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    Re: Herbalife to pay $15million to settle class action

    As the most victims prefer to get their money back instead of punishing the crooks all those consumer driven class actions are not gonna do the job as long as crooks
    can pay them. The positive outcome of it might be that more victims (and lawyers) will see the settlement and start coming up with more class actions.

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