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Thread: "$10-million and this goes away"

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    "$10-million and this goes away"

    We know those founders of NuSkin aren't nice people. They are the type of dirt-bags that use money and power to destroy anybody and anything that gets in their way. Case in point. Ron G. Diederik van Nederveen recounts that story how Sandra Tillotson took care of him...

    As far as her forced removal from the board of directors; I had no control over what part of the information the Nu Skin higher-ups felt was instrumental in her forced resignation. Maybe they were afraid that details of her filing false criminal charges against her ex-boyfriend, Ron G., could attract more negative attention toward Nu Skin? After all, Ron spent six weeks in jail on a two million dollar bail after Sandie charged him with stealing her airplane that she actually offered to him on a contract. I know this because she told me personally and so did Ron. He didn’t steal the plane but it cost Ron two years of his life away from his kids and a small fortune to defend himself before Sandie dropped the frivolous charges.
    Then there's the story of Diederik himself and Adam Baker, Sandie's 3rd husband - their encounter's with her. When it comes to Nedra Roney, it seems they never broke the mold. Diederik has some eye opening details about her in his book. Must be a few defects in her (Nedra's) character as she's been married 13 times last count.

    So she's either the world's worst judge of character, or a woman that no man can stand to be married to for long.
    Good lord, what did all those husbands see in her? She obviously doesn't use her own skin care !! Ugly on the inside too
    Anyways, as far as Nedra's tribe is concerned, it appears they learned from the best. But first the back story...,

    Husband of Nu Skin co-founder charged with sex crimes

    The husband of the co-founder of Provo-based skin care company Nu Skin has been formally charged with sexually abusing an 18-year-old woman.

    Robert Clark McKell, 52, of Springville, was charged Tuesday with three counts of object rape and one count of forcible sodomy, all first-degree felonies. He was also charged with two counts of second-degree felony forcible sex abuse.

    According a probable cause statement filed in 4th District Court, the 18-year-old accuses McKell of sexually abusing her on several occasions between January and March of this year. The alleged abuse included touching the teen's genitals and breasts, despite the woman allegedly telling McKell, "No," according to the court documents.

    McKell claimed last week that the allegations are untrue.

    "Everything I am accused of is false," Robert Clark McKell told The Salt Lake Tribune in a telephone call.

    McKell is married to Nu Skin co-founder Nedra Roney McKell. In 1996, Roney McKell, who was then known as Nedra Roney Tischner, was charged with three third-degree felony counts of prescription fraud and another count of insurance fraud. She eventually entered a plea in abeyance to the charges and received three years of probation. Prosecutors agreed to dismiss the charges after she completed the probationary period.
    Sounds serious, huh? Robert Clark McKell sounds like a regular perv along the lines of Lenny Coldwell. But not so fast. Here's the rest of the story, as they like to say. Fortunately, an Investigative Journalist by the name of Ron Lee decided to dig a little deeper and unearth a few more details about these charges.

    Nedra and Rob McKell - wrongful prosecution!

    By Ron Lee
    Investigative Journalist

    Utah County, Utah - Blending a family isn't always easy, in fact it can have disastrous effects, as Rob and Nedra McKell have found out. It has been alleged that several of Nedra's children conspired to remove Rob from the family because they felt he was overbearing and “mean.” Their actions, along with those of several overzealous victim's advocates, sheriff's deputies and county attorneys, have left Rob facing multiple sexual abuse charges, and Nedra facing neglect and violation of a restraining order charges, among other things. Exemplifying the allegations of the children conspiring was when Nedra's son, Brooke, said in a phone conversation to her that it (the charges) could all go away for $10-Million – it's a statement he verified later on the court record.


    Nedra Roney (McKell) co-founded Nu Skin Enterprises, a multimillion dollar corporation. Though her personal life brought many ups and downs, especially with marriages, one of the constants has been the love of family, and that orphaned children deserve a home, love and a future. Nedra expanded her family beyond her one natural son, Brooke, by adopting 7 children from around the world. Each child had their own significant issues to overcome in life and Nedra felt her affluence and love could afford them the chance to succeed. And, finally, Nedra found a man she could make a permanent home with, for herself and her whole family - Rob McKell.

    Rob McKell, being successful in his own right with KcKell Construction but having grown up with meager means, had his own five grown children when he met Nedra. Soon after Rob and Nedra had married, Rob adopted her children as his own and treated them as such.

    Surmising about the family and why the charges have been leveled against him, Rob stated, "I grew up learning hard work and sacrifice. It’s how I was raised and how I disciplined my five children and how I approached raising these children. Because Nedra had profited from Nu Skin, her older children had been brought up in an environment of extraordinary privilege. They lived in mansions; went on exotic vacations; flew in private jets; and had personal chefs. They had nannies and were home-schooled. Their mother doted on them and spoiled them. They were her world. It was no surprise that they resented my new place in their lives and in Nedra’s heart."

    It has been reported that through the years, several of Nedra's adopted children, who had issues when younger, started showing signs of having serious physical and mental problems. According to witnesses, with troubles ranging from lying and violence to sexual promiscuity and abuse, two of the children found themselves in treatment programs and proctor homes because they became such a threat to the safety of the rest of the family. Family members tell of one adopted boy who was even convicted of sexually abusing a younger sibling.

    Both Rob and Nedra tried everything they could to protect their children. They got them what they thought was the best help available and tried to make every decision in their best interests.

    The Accuser

    Summer McKell

    Summer McKell is one of Rob and Nedra's “troubled” children. She was born in Siberia and reportedly was never touched or held as a baby. She suffers from what Nedra describes as attachment disorder.

    According to Randy Hyde a clinical and child psychologist who saw Summer on multiple occasions and administered a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2) test, which is a widely used adult psychopathology and personality assessment, Summer likely has a “thought disorder” and is “blatantly paranoid.” The MMPI-2 showed that Summer is “likely to use projection as a defense mechanism,” and “tends to be angry and is prone to fighting others.” The report indicates Summer scored as a typical “runaway delinquent” and Hyde goes on to state that “with similar profiles there is a probable history of antisocial behavior, such as promiscuity and deserting their family.” He went on to assess that, "sexual acting out is probable."

    Throughout high school Summer reportedly did in fact that; she acted out sexually, among other things. According to reports, Summer sent nude pictures and videos of herself in the shower to various men, both young and aged via her on-line profile accounts that she managed with her iPod. In fact it came to the attention of the local sheriff's department who reportedly contacted Rob and Nedra with the request that Summer not be allowed to be on the Internet. According to a family member, this, along with her increasing promiscuity and a drug deal Summer orchestrated when she was 18, bounced her from one school to the next; her parents trying desperately to keep her life together.

    They restricted her use of on-line capable devices which enraged Summer, and enrolled her in various schools or high-school equivalents whenever her behavior warranted.

    When they were faced with Summer being 18 and a legal adult, they approached Summer with Nedra and Rob being her conservator. It was a stipulation of her staying in their home. Nedra and Rob wanted to be able to make legal, medical and other necessary decisions for Summer's well being. Summer agreed. Having her own attorney, Summer described how she wanted to stay in the McKell residence and that she was happy being there.

    In an affidavit obtained, Sherrie Cozzens, a paralegal who was in court with Summer for her conservatorship hearing, had this to say, “I asked Summer if she understood why she was at court that day, I asked if she understood what a conservatorship was. She answered that she did. Her only concern that morning was that she didn't ever want to leave her home. She said that two (2) other siblings had moved out and she didn't want to move out like they did.”

    In Cozzens affidavit, Summer’s attorney, Marie Bramwell, stated Summer had no concerns about the conservatorship.

    Interestingly enough, Summer's statements came during the time she eventually claimed Rob McKell was sexually assaulting her.

    The Conspiracy

    Nedra's children were constantly at odds with Rob's parenting style. They either didn't like or couldn't understand being held accountable for their actions. It has been reported that Brooke was furious to have to get a job. Summer was constantly upset that her on-line privileges were being revoked and her behavior monitored. Cheyenne, Summer's older sister, who was initially put into a facility for her purported violent outbursts toward her mother, blamed Rob for being sent away.

    All of these children would rather see Rob gone, and they have gone on the record admitting it.

    Alex and her then boyfriend, the reported orchestrator, Brooke Roney

    Interestingly, not on the court record, but can reportedly be verified through Brooke's phone and credit card records is the allegation that Brooke left one weekend for a trip he told his parents was to Las Vegas and instead traveled to Los Angeles where he met with an ex-step brother and reportedly conversed with his ex-step father whom, according to Nedra, are people who hold a grudge against her. This is where the McKells believe the plot was hatched to bring ruination to their family.

    Soon thereafter Brooke, Cheyenne, and Brooke's girlfriend Alex planned a trip leaving on March 22, 2013. They asked if Summer could go. According to Rob and Nedra, they not only agreed to let Summer go, they thought it was a wonderful idea and gave Brooke $400.00 toward gas and hotels.

    It was a trip that never happened.

    Cheyenne and Summer

    Soon thereafter Brooke, Cheyenne, and Brooke's girlfriend Alex planned a trip leaving on March 22, 2013. They asked if Summer could go. According to Rob and Nedra, they not only agreed to let Summer go, they thought it was a wonderful idea and gave Brooke $400.00 toward gas and hotels.

    It was a trip that never happened.

    Instead, as the initial statements claim, the girls were waiting outside the family home in the car for Brooke, who went in to get some jewelry he was going to sell, so they had money for the trip. Really? According to the girls, this is when they started talking about how much they disliked Rob and how they wanted their mother to leave him and this is when Cheyenne claims Summer said, “I know something that would get him in trouble.”

    As reported, Summer went on in limited but graphic detail about how Rob allegedly did things to her. She even claimed that just the night before he had drugged her with some cold medicine and she awoke to find him, as she put it, “eating my -----.”

    The statements claim that Brooke is called out of the house, told what happened, and they decide to go to the sheriff's department to make their accusations.

    But, Rob and Nedra truly believe that this was the culmination of a carefully orchestrated plot by Brooke to have Rob removed from the home so the kids could have full access to Nedra's money.

    Rob and Nedra also believe that the claims Summer is making are a result of her complicity in her other brother's sexual abuse of a younger sibling; wherein Summer reportedly held the door closed while her brother molested the younger sister in a strikingly similar manner to the claims Summer has leveled at Rob. It is alleged that Summer is using projection as a defense mechanism, just as Randy Hyde determined in his psychological profile. In fact, Hyde's profile also states that, “it is probable she is exaggerating her symptoms,” and says that, “given all that she alleges to have gone through ... it is interesting that Summer is experiencing, at best mild anxiety and depression …”

    The Charges

    In any good investigation, you want to collect as much evidence as you can. With a supposed victim saying she was sodomized the night before, you would think the deputies at the Utah County Sheriff's Office would have thought to send Summer to the hospital to have DNA evidence collected. It is common practice when someone is claiming rape, which in essence is what Summer did. Yet, we have found no record of any evidence of this kind having been collected. Why?

    Instead, you have investigators have Summer place a call to Rob and vaguely talk to him about one of Summer's siblings room where some of the activity allegedly took place. It's called a pretext call and the transcript of this one presented no clear admission, or even suggestion that anything other than a disagreement had taken place between Summer and Rob. But for the sheriff's office, this call along with Summer's statements were apparently enough. It was handed over to the county attorney, who made the final decision to prosecute.

    Rob Mckell is currently charged with 2 counts of object rape and 1 count of forcible sodomy - of which there is no physical evidence, no corroborating testimony, just innuendo and accusations from a troubled young woman.

    The State vs. the McKells

    As the story goes, Summer bounced around for a time after the allegations were made. Brooke had taken her, and Nedra took her back, but couldn't keep her in the family home as there was a protective order against Rob and Nedra didn't believe the allegations at all. So, Summer resided with multiple people. One was Robbie McKell, Rob's son.

    Summer had a room to herself, and all the amenities. It is here that Victim's Advocates Maria Blanchard and Brianne Wilkes befriended Summer and reportedly tell her that she is being emotionally abused. According to records, they tell her she has nothing and that the one's who care about her are in their office. They ridicule Nedra to Summer. Eventually, they are able to use their self described leverage over “AGs” and “big wigs” – you know, people who know them by their first name – to bring charges against Nedra, whose only “crime” is not believing her daughter's accusations.

    Nedra McKell is charged with retaliation against a witness, intentional abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult, and violation of a protective order.

    During Rob's preliminary hearing the witnesses' testimony changed. Sheriff's Deputy Whitnie Tate admitted to leading Summer during her interview (putting words in her mouth), and Summer had to be reminded when to claim Rob had become, “touchy.”

    Frankly, it was a joke.

    It is amazing that these charges haven't been dismissed already. It all boils down to what one person says another person has done. You either believe a psychologically evaluated “runaway delinquent” who is allegedly a recorded liar, or a man who has never before been accused of any of these behaviors; a man whose five grown children and all of their friends are staunch supporters of his.

    And, as for Nedra's charges, the amount of affidavits that show how many camping trips, outings, gifts, dinners, etc., that Summer went on and received when she was supposedly being isolated makes an average persons life seem dull; not at all the confined poor lass she and Adult Services would have the court believe.

    Jeff Buhman
    Utah County Attorney Jeff Buhman

    Unfortunately, short of Utah County Attorney Jeff R. Buhman getting involved and personally looking into this case and dismissing it on its ridiculous merits, both Rob and Nedra await their trials. Unfortunately, Buhman didn’t return our multiple calls to his office.

    Also, if this case does go to court, you can bet that most of the real evidence that support Rob and Nedra won’t be allowed due to overprotective rape shield laws.

    But then again there is one option if Buhman doesn't do what's right and dismiss the case, maybe they can take Brooke up on his $10-Million offer and have it all go away ... Yeah Right.

    US~Observer Note: Our initial investigation into this case shows that without question this is the perfect example of an attempted false prosecution. While Julia Thomas is the Utah County Assistant Attorney conducting this travesty of justice, County Prosecuting Attorney Jeff Buhman is ultimately responsible. Rest assured the US~Observer fully intends to hold him accountable publicly. For those who are concerned with justice as opposed to a manufactured and vindictive prosecution, Buhman’s phone number is 801-851-8026.

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    Re: "$10-million and this goes away"

    Nedra felt her affluence and love could afford them the chance to succeed.
    How'd that work out for you? didn't?:

    It has been reported that through the years, several of Nedra's adopted children, who had issues when younger, started showing signs of having serious physical and mental problems. According to witnesses, with troubles ranging from lying and violence to sexual promiscuity and abuse, two of the children found themselves in treatment programs and proctor homes because they became such a threat to the safety of the rest of the family. Family members tell of one adopted boy who was even convicted of sexually abusing a younger sibling.
    you mean money can't just buy everything?


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