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Thread: China TEFL Scam Alert! Foreign Expats aka & Bejing Teach aka

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    China TEFL Scam Alert! Foreign Expats aka & Bejing Teach aka

    Rosie Tang.jpg

    Because Rebecca Tang is playing the name game (now calls herself Rosie Tang after getting out of jail) and because everyone knows her old China ESL scheme and she now has 11 news company aliases, I have no choice but to warn peopleone or two at a time. She is still using the same foreigners in her gang; Eric Winder in New York, David Valley aka Art Ward in Toronto, Derrick Yazwa in Arizona, and her ex BF "Nikki" aka Nikic Pedrag in Beijing. Her method of ripping of foreign teacher applicants still remains the same however as you can see here;

    Teacher Discussion Forums :: View topic - WARNING: Beware Rebecca Tang, ChinaESL agent, SCAM ALERT!!!

    Here are all the company names to avoid:

    New Life ESL

    Foreign Expats aka

    Beijing Teach aka

    East-West Education

    Golden Bridge ESL

    China ESL

    Wan Jia Education

    Golden Bridge English

    Golden Bridge Education

    Golden Bridge Visa


    Derrick Yazwa (Above)


    David Valley (Above)


    Nikic Pedrag aka "Nikki" (Above)

    A photo for Eric Winder is not avialable at this time. Check here for more updates:

    BTW... This is Rebecca Tang below before she cut and dyed her hair and became "Rosie" last year... (just joking. Here nickname with foreign teachers in China is Rebecca, The Wicked Witch of The East!

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