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Thread: Adrian Morrison Tee Advantage at

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    Adrian Morrison Tee Advantage at

    Adrian promises us this will be his "best project yet".

    From the TeeAdvantage JV page here.


    You all know Iíve been doing launches online now for the past 3 years, and Iíve loved every second of it. I love the creative process and I love working with YOU to help you make a ton of cash!

    Overall I have paid out OVER $4,000,000 to my JV Partners and Affiliates, and I want to give away MORE.

    My most anticipated launch ever is getting ready to take place, and I want you to be a part of it..

    Iím giving away OVER $40,000.00 in prizes

    Iím paying out a whopping 50% Commissions, which meansÖ

    You Make BIG MONEY..

    You Earn BIG PRIZES..

    Öall payments are INSTANT via JVZoo & Paypal

    This is my best product yetÖ I look forward to making TeeAdvantage a JVZoo #1"
    Who's ready to mail!? :

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    What is Tee Advantage?

    From Adrian Morrison's JV Page:

    "TeeAdvantage is a complete course + software program that aims
    to show everyone how I am crushing it marketing simple T-Shirts online.
    Iíve been recognized by the owners of one of the largest companies, Represent,
    as one of their top earners. Iím doing this in a very unique and extremely viral
    way, which I show to all my TeeAdvantage members. My goal is to help everyone
    learn how to successfully market and profit from simple shirts just like I have
    been doing for the past year."
    That's actually a bit interesting. Here's the Represent Website:

    Is it possible Adrian Morrison is trying to distance himself from his brother
    Anthony's marketing tactics? I'm not holding my breath, but anything's

    He also says this:

    "Iím doing the launch differently from my others because I
    believe our industry NEEDS to educate the buyers so they
    make a good buying decision. So I have done some KILLER
    pre launch training videos that I GUARANTEE will increase
    your EPCís and commission numbers dramatically."
    Nothing new about that. That's how all the $1,997 product launches
    work. However, I believe his top price is $197.

    Looks like to promote this you have to be Adrian's friend, because this is one
    of the emails in the email swipe file:


    My friend Adrian Morrison has just released
    an EPIC training course and his personal
    software he used to sell...

    More than $100K/mo of T-Shirts on Facebook!

    Go here to get the inside scoop.
    ==> LINK

    Even if you've never sold anything online
    before, you'll definitely be able to start
    ASAP using his simple - yet powerful -
    system and software.

    After all - one of Adrian's students has
    already sold over $1.3 million on Facebook!

    Maybe, you'll be the next one to do that.

    Especially when you start with the HUGE
    advantage of Adrian's unique software that
    comes with 50 built-in campaigns you can
    deploy immediately!

    I highly recommend you jump all over this
    training and software ASAP.
    ==> LINK

    Fair warning though - Adrian's offering
    an introductory special price only for
    the next couple of days. After that,
    this will get way more expensive.

    BTW - even though he's letting this go
    for a crazy low price right now... he's
    still made this course like you'd pay
    several hundred bucks. He's got more
    than 40 Training Videos in there!

    Grab this deal while you can...
    ==> LINK

    Ah well, that leaves me out.

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    Prior Product - Social Commissions

    Here's a good review of one of Adrian Morrison's past products - Social Commissions:

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    Re: Adrian Morrison Tee Advantage at

    Here's a quote from somebody who says she attended one of Adrian and Anthony's events back in 2012:

    "Adrian was cool and made us laugh during the training, but at the end, both
    of them intensified their tone of voice and got red as tomatoes as they pitched
    us with personal coaching ranging from $5,000-$20,000! A few people signed up
    for that and they emphasized how they are going to be very successful

    After the seminar, I did use their landing page generator software and made one
    simple landing page and they replaced my affiliate link with something else and
    after that, I just couldnít trust using their software."
    Anthony Morrison Scam Artist- Robbing Innocent People Out of Thousands of Dollars | Jennifer's Passion for Internet Marketing

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    Re: Adrian Morrison Tee Advantage at

    Well, looks like the Morrison brothers are still in cahoots. Just got this in from Anthony Morrison:

    "Subject: You’re Invited - Students LIVE Webinar


    First off I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who joined
    us last Thursday for our 1st IIC Student training. It was great!

    This email is to remind you we have another training coming
    up this Thursday … and it’s going to ROCK!

    I am inviting my brother, Adrian Morrison, who’s a freaking guru
    when it comes to “list building”.

    You want your list to grow right?

    He’s going to show you some sick stuff…. stuff he’s been paid
    literally $3,000 to teach..

    Here are the details of the event:

    When: Thursday April 30th
    Time: 8pm CST (6pm PST / 9pm EST)
    Where: Register For The Webinar Here

    By the way..

    One of the TOP marketers in the world just called my brother
    last weekend and offered to PAY HIM $100,000.00 to show
    him this stuff…

    …. Adrian declined… our goal is to help our students. I help
    his and he helps mine… that’s how it works!

    Ok make sure you attend….and get on early because we
    completely filled up the room last week. Some people
    missed out…

    - Anthony Morrison
    Inbox Inner Circle Mentor

    PS: I will be giving away $250 cash prize on during the event!"
    You can read about Anthony Morrison's Inbox Inner Circle Mentor program here:
    Anthony Morrison Inbox Inner Circle

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    Re: Adrian Morrison Tee Advantage at

    lol. yeah.....that's never going to change.
    Haven't lost any money to online scams.......results are typical.

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