A bunch of expats have been getting arrested and jailed in China (Over 2,100 last year) because the greedy asshole recruiters and agents are not licensed nor authorized to sponsor Z visas (work visas required by law) so they tell their victims it's okay to work the first 90 days on an L, F, or M visa, which is total bullshit. But they are smooth and people believe them. In truth they have a 50% chance of not getting caught. But then again, they also have a 50% chance of getting busted as well. If that should happen, what follows is a horror story... 30 days in a Chinese jail (not pretty) and then to get out you must pay a $2,000 fine. You will then be automatically deported within 10 days and given 2 things you don't want...1) a 3-5 reentry ban to China, and 2) your very own felony conviction that will be in your record forever. Then just try to get another visa to anywhere with a criminal record. Try to get a job as a stock broker, real estate agent, or mortgage broker with that felony conviction. See how these scumbags can cause you to lose more than just a few dollars?

Here is more background on the law which was changed in 2013...





China Foreign Teachers Union

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