Anthony Morrison is launching something called Email Domination on JVZoo within 4 days according to this countdown timer:

eMail Domination Countdown.JPG

Here's the funnel of prices for the launch:

eMail Domination Launch Funnel.JPG

Email Domination seems to be a rehash of Anthony Morrison's recent launch of Inbox Inner Circle which was discussed at RealScam here:

Anthony Morrison Inbox Inner Circle

The JV page for Email Domination has the same text as the one for Inbox Inner Circle:

"When I created this product I had one goal in mind and that was to SOLVE the problem
most students have when they try to ‘get started’ in the list building and email marketing business.
Having other info and training products on email marketing allowed me to identify the one
glaring issue my students faced and reported to me all the time…

“Hey Anthony, I love your training BUT I am stuck. I really don’t have the money to build
my list, and all the email training in the world won’t help me if I don’t have a list to start with… can you help?”
I worked for over 1 year to figure out how to answer that question WITH A REAL SOLUTION….
My Email Domination Platform members will get their first 500 subscribers on their list FOR FREE….
I will be mailing my list creating the necessary traffic to build their list and get them subscribers and
success right out of the gate.

In addition to the subscribers I’ve done countless hours of training on email marketing they get access to,
which shows them how to build a responsive email list and build their brand just as I have done with mine.
I love the product! And I believe your subscribers will love it too."
Why do I have the feeling that somehow GVO is going to be involved sooner or later?