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Thread: Beware China ESL (Rebecca Tang) & China-Tesol Foreign Teacher ESL/TEFL Scam Recruiters!

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    Beware China ESL (Rebecca Tang) & China-Tesol Foreign Teacher ESL/TEFL Scam Recruiters!

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    A lot of young people get excited about working in China as I was three years ago. Yes, China is a fun place to work for sure, but you need to know that more than 90% of all the "Teach in China" ads are posted by scam agents or identity thieves and more than half of the ads originate from two millionaire scam artists: Rebecca Tang who owns China ESL and Geoff aka Jeff an Australian who owns Between them they spam about 800 ads every week under more than 50 names, email addresses, and telephone numbers.

    Aside from taking 25%-60% of your wages, they also make you buy what you are supposed to get for free: invitation and release letters. And if you say "No Thank You" to one of their shitty job offers, they are known to sell your personal information to identity thieves to make a few hundred dollars off of you since you will forget about them long before a credit card company or the cops call you three months later about credit card fraud in your name!

    The problem is that these two people are millionaires and they hire full time hackers to delete negative posts about themselves so nobody every gets to be properly warned. But here are few of over 100 complaint and warning posts that will probably be gone within the next 90 days...

    China ESL Scam - Submit an Entry: Post a Job Scam

    Warning! China Esl & Scam Artist Rebecca Tang Preys On China Foreign Teachers! | China Teachers Alliance

    BEWARE CHINAESL--SCAM ALERT, Rebecca Tang will rip you off! | the Beijinger

    China Fraud Patrol: Fraud Alert! - Rebecca Tang of China ESL - China's Most Despised Scam Recruiter By Foreign Expat Teachers - Here's Why... - Guangzhou - General - Beware of CUCAS, China ESL, & Foreign Teacher Scams - Blacklisted

    2012 China ESL, TEFL, IELTS, & TOEFL Blacklist of Schools & Training/Learning Centers

    Money Talks For Rebecca Tang & China ESL of Beijing - Scam! - ESLwatch - Information, News and School Reviews


    Wolf Watch | Keeping The Sheep Safe 24/7

    Teacher Discussion Forums :: View topic - WARNING: Beware Rebecca Tang, ChinaESL agent, SCAM ALERT!!!

    Making Your First Million In China

    Job Discussion Forums :: View topic - chinaesl

    China-Tesol cites false 2007 salaries to China foreign teachers | the Beijinger

    So how do you find a job yourself in China, or at least an honest agent? Here is a way to do it yourself for free in less than a day:

    CFTU GUIDE: How to check out the rep of a China employment agent or recruiter yourself for free... - Beijing Stuff

    The reason you have to be so very careful with job recruiters and agents in China is because 20% of all the expat teachers here get victimized by identity theft. Read this:

    And please do not make the foolish mistake to think all the cheaters are Chinese! That used to be the case a few years back but now it is a 50/50 mix of foreigners and Chinese in on this lucrative racket.
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