Where to begin with this sly group? Well, first they make unbelievable guarantees to Chinese students that they will get in a top 100 university even if they cannot spell the word "university". Chinese parents pay big bucks for guarantees like this to get junior into Harvard, Princeton, Berkley and the like. But once their money is paid, junior ends up at Texas Christian Community College or George Brown Vocational College or maybe Ohio University or perhaps even University of California - Riverside. Just try to get a refund Dad!!!!!

The despicable thing is that they use foreign white-faced expat teachers to lie for them in order to hoodwink the parents! The company is owned by a Canadian Chinese named Alan Zhang and they illegally use the license of Kaplan English because they are not properly licensed to recruit foreign employees. Their main office in Sanyuanqiao of Beijing and according to scam.com, the way they recruit teachers is super sneaky. See http://www.scam.com/showpost.php?p=1795784&postcount=6 for a good laugh.

The only honest guy in the operation was fired (Alvin - the Cuban American Teaching Director) after he protested about unethical biz procedures. Another honorable employee named Maggie was threatened to keep her mouth shut and about 20 expat teachers have come and gone within the last year. Those that stay do so only for the money, like Paulo. But this group is just one off 387 blacklisted China scam recruiters and operators fleecing people in China. They are not unique other than they rip off both teachers and their Chinese customers alike. If they deny it I will post names and telephone numbers of there many unsatisfied customers and former teachers here. Come on Monica - dare me! Finding crooks like them is not hard if you are willing to spend 20 minutes scanning all seven China blacklist here:

>>> http://www.ChinaScambusters.com

>>> http://www.GlobalBlackList.org

>>> http://www.ChinaForeignTeachersUnion.org

>>> http://www.ESLWatch.info

>>> http://www.WorldWolfWatch.wordpress.com

>>> http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=617489

>>> http://www.ChinaScamWatch.wordpress.com

If you don't have time to scan the blacklists and your China Job Recruiter is not on the CFTU white list (only 7 so far in all of China!) you can use this 10 Point China Check List...

DIY - Spotting a China Scam Job Recruiter With A 10 Point Checklist

1. They cannot provide you a scan (not a photo) of their SAIC license issued by the Chinese government

2. They refuse to provide you their street address or a land line telephone number that can be traced in the event of a problem

3. They refuse to provide you a scan of their passport and/.or government ID card that provides their real and full legal names - yet they demand that you send your passport scan to them!

4. They cannot produce an invitation letter clearly stating you need a Z VISA to work in China, and/or they tell you that you do not need a bachelors degree to work in China as a teacher

5. They tell you it is okay and just fine to come to work in China on an L, F, M, or X visa and you can convert it once you arrive in China.

6. They tell you that you MUST have a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate to work in China (Not true)

7. They offer to sell you a fake diploma, TEFL certificate, or letter certifying prior work experience (Any of these will get you jailed and deported)

8. They change the subject when you ask them the direct questions above.

9. They will not answer the above questions in a written email - only verbally on the telephone.

10. They tell you they will answer all of your questions only AFTER you send them your resume and passport scan!

Maybe one of you can translate this into Chinese and post it on some Chinese web sites like WeiBo to warn all the parents?